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Renowned South Indian actress born in Michigan, The United States, Sreeleela, also known as Sree, is the only actress who cared enough to pursue a profession even after having a fruitful career as a model and actress in South Indian Cinematics. 

This article is all about Sreeleela and her journey as an aspiring doctor, model, and actress at the same time, as some more detailed insights about her life. 

Who Is Sreeleela? 

Sreeleela, also known as Sree and often pronounced Leela as her surname, is a Kannada Film actress. She was born in Michigan, The United States, but eventually settled in Bangalore, India, and pursued her acting career.

Her acting career was never a part of his goal. Still, after participating in an inter-college modeling competition, she got a  view of judges and offered her debut film, Kiss (2018), when she was 17 years old damsel. 

Her exposure to the glamour realm made her an extrovert child, and she is very active on social media, where she shares her looks and dislikes with her fans. The Kick-start of her acting journey is quite dubious, but she went to college for an MBBS of her parent’s choice. 

Why Did She Opt For Mbbs Even After Having A Lucrative Career As An Actress? 

Sreeleela no doubt made it to cinemas before anyone could think; after passing senior secondary, every ordinary child would opt for college. Likewise, she did the same, but she was destined for more. 

It is a fact of great wonder how she manages to balance her acting career and MBBS, as she is opting for both at the same time. Sreeleela stepped into cinemas earlier, then she decided to pursue MBBS and meanwhile get a degree. She filmed four movies. 

After seeing this, MBBS seems more like peer pressure or, better we should say it, a WISH! She is still pursuing her MBBS degree, and it will take a while to become a doctor. Before that, she even had the title “Predominant Actress in Kannada Cinemas.” 

Sreeleela’s movies she has done so far are her debut movie Kiss (2018), Bharaate (2019), and By Two Love (2021). After performing her brilliance in this Kannada movie, she got a break in Telugu movies, and her debut Telugu movie is Pelle Sandada and Dubar. Both of them are yet to be released. 

Sreeleela And Her Family Background; Members, Ethnicity, And Beliefs 


Sreeleela belongs to the conventional background where studies and knowledge are always given more importance than enchantment. Her family belongs to one such family, and she had to be an MBBS graduate to fit in society. 

In Sreeleela’s family, there are four members, her father, Subhakar Rao, and her mother, Swarna Latha. Both are doctors and now the reason why Sreeleela had to opt for MBBS becomes more solid and reasonable. 

Sreeleela has a close bond with her brother Sreekar Sree Deep. Still, there is little information about him, but Sreeleela shares a very tight and warm relationship with her family. 

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Sreeleela’s life beyond MBBS, Modeling, and Shoots

Most of Sreeleela’s time is spent shooting, and the rest of her time is devoted to clearing the medical examination; as of 2023, she must have completed her MBBS degree, but if she is going to pursue a medical or Acting career is still up to her. 

Her Me Time is called when Shreeleela plays with her very own pet dog and cat, and she has a thing for traveling, and their family plans a trip whenever they all feel the need for a break from routine life. 

Her vacation photos can be easily seen on her Instagram account, as the actress shares so much about her life on social media. Even though she is a busy bee, she uploads little details about herself on the internet to make fans know about her closely.  

To date, Sreeleela has more than 1.7 million followers on her Instagram. Her feed contains many pictures from her shoots as a model and some promotional posts for her movies and song albums. 

Quick Facts About Sreeleela

  • Sreeleels respects her family values very much, and to preserve the legacy, she attained an MBBS degree like her parents. 
  • She is fond of cooking, and she likes to have Non-vegetarian meals on her plate very much. 
  • Her hobbies include cooking and traveling to new places with her family, and Jodhpur seems to be her comfort place, depicts her Instagram 
  • Sreeleela believes in divinity, and she is a very spiritual girl, which is rare in teens. 

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