Sonu Srivastava Godwa – Age, Wiki, Biography

Sonu Srivastava Godwa

Sonu Srivastava Godwa is a famous influencer and star on social media apps such as TikTok and Instagram. Like many teenagers on reels and short videos, Sonu Srivastava Godwa started using social media for grooming and became the star of the feed of many. 

In this article, We will see Sonu Srivastava’s life a little closer and comprehend how she accomplished the lockdown and made her career at all odds. 

Who Is Sonu Srivastava Godwa? 

Sonu Srivastava Godwa was an ordinary girl from Bangalore before she started to make reels on Instagram during the lockdown. Her idea of leisure helped her gain lifelong name, fame, and money, and she became the star of lip-syncing on the internet. 

But making reels and syncing lips on old dime songs of Bollywood was not the only activity Sonu did to adorn the monotonous days of lockdown; she made her lockdown worth it by learning new skills and becoming a media sensation.

Her continual efforts in making reels made an ordinary girl from Bangalore a public figure, and now people want to know more about one of the notable influencers, Sonu Srivastava. 

How Did Sonu Srivastava Become The Star Of TikTok In Lockdown 

Sonu Srivastava Godwa

After striking the worldwide pandemic, the lockdown was the only way to ensure the safety of people. Still, people like Sonu turned trouble into opportunity and served themselves a career potential enough to make them earn their whole life long. 

Sonu started to work in different niches. Like many people, she got a chance to connect with her childhood dream of becoming an actor; Sonu started with lip-syncing videos, and her Instagram followers found her very alluring. 

After much appreciation for her lip-syncing skills, Sonu started uploading videos of her dancing and dubbing famous dialogues and scenes. Bollywood movies and her diversified content intensified the interest of fans in her.  

And last but not least, Sonu started to share her makeup hacks with everyone on the internet on Instagram, reels, and YouTube shorts. Sonu Srivastava aided her female fans with a complete package of leisure. 

And that’s how Sonu became a media sensation only by uploading short videos of her doing what she loves. 

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Sonu Srivastava Family And Friends; What Do We Know About Her Background 

Sonu Srivastava was not a media sensation public figure from the start of her career. She became the star of the sudden events of her life, and neither did she belong to a family who had worked in the glamour industry. 

Knowing about her background and ethnicity is challenging because Sonu herself does not share much about her friends and family, but once in a Blue Moon, she does upload pictures with her mother on Instagram. 

Seeing her mother explains from where Sonu gets the charming look and picture-perfect face from her mother and that she belongs to Hinduism and follows the tradition and rituals of southern India. Her life is simple, even after becoming a renowned personality on social media. 

Sonu Srivastava, Her following On Social Media And Net Worth 

Sonu Srivastava Godwa

Sonu Srivastava has an immense following on social media; she started her journey as TikTok and reel star, aka content creator, in 2020, and coming to 2022, Sonu began to pose for provincial photographers and shared bold shoots of her on Instagram. 

As of 2023, Sonu Srivastava has more than 370 thousand followers on Instagram and nearly the same on Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok, her immense fame helped her to shoot a song starring Sonu Godwa as the lead actress. 

After amassing high-profile success and love from the audience, Sonu’s net worth is approximately five crores. And owns several SUV cars and a house in Bangalore.

Sonu Srivastava Godwa And Her Notion To Keep Personal Life Secret

Sonu Srivastava is a famous personality, and without a doubt, she is a sweetheart to many suitors. Still, Sonu never shared her love interest with anyone, nor was she planning to marry anyone shortly. 

Regarding her boyfriend, Sonu never shared buzz on her personal life even though she never shared about her family, but what we know so far is her younger brother is a blogger with more than 11k followers on YouTube. 

Quick Facts About Sonu Srivastava Godwa You Probably Dont Know 

  • Sonu Srivastava Godwa is relishing a career in modeling after having a star shooter destiny in TikTok and Instagram influencer. 
  • Soon, Sonu is going to be part of a Kannada movie as her debut film
  • Sonu Srivastava Godwa is fond of tattoos, and she had them on both arms. 

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