Shantanu Naidu: Deputy General Manager Of Tata Trust- Let’s Know About Him!

Shantanu Vyankatesh Naidu or Shantanu Naidu, a young guy who is 30 years old, has attained a position in the corporate world that has long been a goal for many individuals. According to rumors, Ratan Tata receives business advice from Shantanu Naidu on startup investments. He was born to his parents in Pune,  Maharashtra, in 1993. 

Shantanu Naidu


Being a well-known Indian businessman, engineer, assistant junior, DGM, influencer on social media, author, and entrepreneur, he enjoys enormous popularity throughout the nation as the deputy general manager of Tata Trust. He is the fifth family member after his great-grandfather, who works for the Tata Group. 


Shantanu attended the Pune-based Abhinava Vidyalaya English Medium School for his education. In 2010, he enrolled at Savitribai Phule Pune University (University of Pune) to pursue a Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) in Mechanical Engineering because his parents wanted him to pursue a career in engineering.

In May 2014, Shantanu received a first-class degree with honors. He interned at Tata Technologies in Pune from May 2009 to May 2010. He also holds an MBA from Cornell  University. Since June 2017, Shantanu has been working at Tata Trusts. In addition, he also worked as a fashion designer at Tata Elxsi. 

Fascination With Automotive Design

After receiving his degree, Shantanu was drawn to a career in automobile design because he believed he might achieve global fame by creating high-end sports cars for Lamborghini and Ferrari. Yet, because Shantanu needs to understand this area, his father disapproves of his plan to become an automotive designer.

Later, his father permitted him to serve as an automotive designer, but only after he had given some thought to why he had chosen this career and what he could bring to that. Hence, Shantanu began investigating automotive design. While doing so, he encountered many students and professionals in the industry and learned that designing cars is a challenging task, particularly in India.

Concern For Dogs

Shantanu Naidu

Shantanu Naidu began working for Tata Elxsi in Pune as an Associate Design Engineer in September 2014. He used to get home about one or two in the morning when doing the night shifts there.

During his motorcycle trip back home, Shantanu Naidu used to see dead dogs on the road after they were hit by cars and vans. He initially tried to ignore the situation of dogs, but after about six months and observing several dead dogs, he was compelled to do something.

Shantanu began investigating the matter and spoke with other drivers who experienced dog-related accidents or had close calls with canines. He realized that the main issue was that, at night, cars couldn’t see the dogs from a safe distance, endangering both the animals and the motorists. Shantanu emphasized giving them enough time to slow down, change lanes, or apply breaks, and drivers must be able to observe the dogs from a safe distance.

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Meeting With Ratan Tata

Ratan Tata realized the young man’s wish when he summoned him to a meeting due to his Facebook post about the reflector-equipped dog collars he had created for stray dogs so drivers could see them on Mumbai’s highways. Shantanu Naidu and his coworkers used their discarded denim as the core material and then covered it with reflective material because they needed more money for the materials. They soon put hundreds of these luminous collars on dogs, and the effects were immediately noticeable.

Achieving Popularity

Shortly, Shantanu Naidu’s work gained widespread attention and was featured in the Tata Company newsletter, which led to Ratan Tata, the former director of the Tata Group and an animal activist,  inviting him to Mumbai.

Tata Elxsi employed Shantanu Naidu up until July 2016. He subsequently enrolled at Cornell University’s Johnson Graduate School of Management in Ithaca, New York, to pursue an MBA in general business administration and management. Shantanu Naidu graduated in 2018 after participating in the Johnson Leadership Case Competition and receiving the Hemmeter Entrepreneurship Award.

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