Semi Automatic VS Fully Automatic Washing Machine.

Every household requires some essential things to be used regularly by us. A washing machine is one of those crucial things needed in every household nowadays. Even in rural India, only a handful of people use traditional methods to clean their clothes. Another point to note is to remember that you will always clean your clothes to wear them again no matter how rich you are. The more expensive the clothes are, the more care they require while washing them. And an essential question which pops up in everybody’s mind is whether to buy a fully automatic or a semi-automatic. So, the following are some points which you should consider while choosing between them.


A fully automatic machine works based on a single tub only; the whole process of cleaning and drying the clothes takes place in that single tub only, whereas a semi-automatic washing machine works on a double tub, and the process of cleaning and drying takes place in two different tubs based on their functions. The clothes need to be transferred from one tub to another.


The prices of both machines have a considerable difference; a semi-automatic washing machine costs much less than a fully automatic washing machine. So, if you have a small budget, you should go for a semi-automatic washing machine; otherwise, you should go for a fully automatic washing machine.


The semi-automatic installation is relatively easy compared to a fully automatic washing machine because a fully automatic machine requires a tap with a continuous water flow, an outlet for the water to be disposed and a power plug for the supply of electricity. In contrast, the semi-automatic machine requires only a tap while using it, with a simple plug with an electricity supply while it’s operating.

Electricity Consumption-

If you a going for an electricity efficient washing machine, you should go for a semi-automatic washing machine as a fully automatic washing requires a large amount of electricity supply for its operation; if your electricity bill is already through the roof, you should go with a semi-automatic washing machine.

Maintenance Cost-

It’s one of the significant reasons influencing your decision while choosing any expensive product; the maintenance cost of the fully automatic washing machine is quite more than the semi-automatic washing machine as it requires service more often and one service costs a lot as compared to the semi-automatic washing machine.

Both have their pros and cons; you may choose the best based on the factors stated above. 

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