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Saloni Khanna


Saloni Khanna’s exact birthdate still needs to be discovered, as per calculations that she will be 30-  33 years old as of 2023 based on specific facts. She is an assistant lecturer at New Delhi’s Shaheed Bhagat Singh College. She gained notoriety after participating in an IAS mock interview hosted by the Drishti IAS coaching institute. As a young ambassador, she did a lot of work for youth in her early years.

Saloni Khanna’s Education 

Saloni Khanna was raised and brought up in Uttar Pradesh. Her birth date is unknown; hence we cannot determine her zodiac sign. Since starting primary school, she has excelled academically and consistently ranked among the best pupils in her class. Saloni finished her education at a local school. She completed her education by earning a BS in Economics from Hansraj College. 

After graduating, she enrolled in Himalayan Garhwal University in Uttarakhand to pursue her MBA in Economics. She has always loved reading the news and is constantly seeking new information from around the globe.

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Internships And Career 

Saloni Khanna completed an internship at Religare Wellness between March 2012 and June 2012 as she worked on her BA degree. She served as a youth ambassador for Adidas Originals in the same year, from September 2012 to January 2013.

After leaving Adidas, she worked for two months as a youth influencer at Vogue. She also completed her Care internship from January 2013 to April 2013. She began serving the Government of India as a research analyst in June 2015, where she spent nearly two years.

She began working as a senior consultant for Team Builders India in September 2017. Saloni Khanna then began working as a product manager for Bajaj Capital in 2018, remaining until January 2021. She joined Delhi University as a full-time assistant professor of Economics after leaving Bajaj Capitals. She is also well-known for the IAS coaching center Drishti’s mock interviews.

Establishment Of A Coaching Facility 

She is also the founder of Skill UP, an IAS tutoring facility located in Delhi. She often does mock IAS interviews at her counseling facility. She repeatedly inquires about current events and superstitions. Saloni waited for the contenders to present their unfavorable viewpoints. After participating in the mock interviews, most candidates received outstanding ratings during IAS interviews.

Saloni Khanna’s Family And Marital Status 

Saloni Khanna's Family And Marital Status 

She was born into an Indian family of Hindus, Saloni Khanna. Given that she came from a middle-class household, she had to overcome many obstacles in her work. Yet, thanks to her parent’s unwavering support, she never looked back, and she now has a highly secure profession.

Saloni is a beautiful, bright, and independent individual. With online media, many people seek personal information about their lives. After exploring her official Instagram profile, we saw that she is married. She and her husband traveled to several locations in the world.

Khanna’s husband often prepares lavish dinners for her. She hasn’t disclosed the identity of her life partner on her Instagram page yet and wants to hide any explicit information about him. Reports say that she is indeed a single parent. She and her partner are currently concentrating on their respective positions.

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