Rani Soyamoyi – The Brave IAS Officer Of Jharkhand

Rani Soyamoyi

Rani Soyamoyi is a well-known personality and India’s political figure, social worker, and IAS officer. She is a woman who has encouraged many girls from low-income backgrounds. Rani Soyamoyi’s transformation from a poor lady to an IAS officer has made her the subject of numerous heartwarming media articles.

Mrs. Rani is claimed to have been born in Jharkhand, India, and spent her childhood there. Furthermore, she has lived her childhood in poverty and has not had access to everything every child desires. 


As a young and enthusiastic girl, she completed her education at a nearby high school and then attended college, where she began her IAS exam preparation.

In reality, IAS Rani is a character in an inspirational storybook based on true-life IAS officer Shina Mol. Soyamoyi is only one of the characters in Hakeem Morayur’s narrative.


Rani Soyamoyi is a fantastic woman who appears in Hakeem Morayur’s narrative. She is a proud daughter of a daily wager. Her parents used to work in a mica mine, and she also began working with her siblings when she was five years old.

Rani’s parents died subsequently as a result of floods and landslides. After that began living in an orphanage, receiving a decent education, and beginning her career in IAS.

Rani spent her childhood as a daily wager, laboring in deplorable conditions in mica mines with her brothers.

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 She passed the IAS UPSC entrance tests and was appointed an IAS officer between 2010 and 2020. She later began working as a Collector in the Malappuram district.

And the story merely mentions that she worked in Malappuram and improved the lives of many poor people. Rani is the kind of lady who links people to the needs of the poor and helps them comprehend how poor children spend their lives in poverty within India.

Rani Soyamoyi- Real or Fake?

You might be wondering who Rani is in real life. Is she a human lady or just a literary character? Rani is not a natural person but rather a character in a storybook. Numerous celebrities have given information about Rani Soyamoyi and photographs of honest IAS officer Shina Mol. The purpose of the post about Rani IAS is to encourage the people of India by including a positive message.

After learning that Soyamoyi is not a genuine woman, several individuals erased the post. Mr. Hakeem Morayur’s Facebook post clarified the misconceptions of those who previously misidentified Shina Mol as Rani Soyamoyi IAS. Hakeem revealed that the women knew on the Internet as

Soyamoyi is only a component of his story “Shining Faces,” which he wrote. He said that many people believe Rani, the heroine of his narrative, is a genuine collector. Shina Mol is a collector who worked at Malappuram from April to November 2016.

Married Life

Rani Soyamoyi ma’am appears to be a married woman in the novel and may have married after becoming a prominent IAS officer. Additional information about her marital life is currently out of stock in the storybook. Nonetheless, we will take more from Mr. Hakeem Morayur’s book.

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