Nisha Lamba – Age, Height, Boyfriend, Family

Nisha Lamba

The Bollywood industry shines on glamour, but often the people who are the backbone of this gleam are makeup artists. The makeup industry is incomplete without Nisha Lamba, a professional makeup genius in Bollywood. To know more about her, keep reading.

This article is dedicated to Nisha Lamba and how she captured the makeup artist profession before it was even a thing and more about her personal and professional attributes of life. 

Who Is Nisha Lamba? 

Nisha Lamba is 1987 born in Delhi; her early life and education years were not as fascinating as her second half-life. Nisha’s life is full of ups and downs, and after sailing on the rough boat, she finally opened her salon, Sparsh beauty center & Treatment. 

Before starting a world-class Salon in a metropolitan city like Delhi, Nisha Lamba sourced funds via Youtube makeup tutorials for more than a couple of years, and that’s where she speaks of the most significant mistake Nisha has ever made. 

From a basic makeup tutorial on YouTube to a celebrity makeup artist, Nisha has come a long way. In her ten years long journey, she is an enchanting personality.

How Did Nisha Enter In Makeup Artist Profession And Snatched The Whole Industry 

Nisha Lamba and her life before marriage and salon lie low on the internet, but so far, she has shared with the media that she didn’t even think of becoming an MUA, but somehow, she paved the way in this arena. 

Her journey started by making videos on YouTube after getting a little training from a local beautician; she uploaded a video of her adorning the broader fit for their special day and sometimes self-makeup tips and hacks for making detailed makeup easy. 

It’s been ten years since Nisha has been working as a beautician. Her YouTube videos got 3.54 million subscribers, with 11 thousand videos uploaded on her youtube channel named @NISHALAMBHAsaparsh, which was her primary source of earnings before Sparsh Salon.

After recognizing her potential, production houses appointed her as a makeup artist. Before her big break, Nisha Lambha did her hands-on supporting actors and actresses, but her skills docked her more, and Nisha became a celebrity MUA after keeping her patience for ten years. 

She started Sparsh beauty salon more than make-up and cosmetics; she insisted on clear and healthy skin and a nourished and happy mind; Nisha, with her youtube blogs, enlightened many women on essential cues for being self-independent.  

Nisha Lamba And Her Investments In Salon And Makeup

Nisha Lamba

The fact becomes obvious that Nisha Lamba started to charge more than she used to, and her source for generating revenue changed course from youtube-blogs to her salon, Sparsh. Nisha invested all her money to contour her dream salon. 

Sparsh Salon is well-versed with tools and products that suit the best skin because that’s how her high profile gets snatched to Sparsh more than any other salon in Delhi’s prime location. 

Nisha Lambha started her full-fledged salon, where she guides new practitioners to build their careers as MUA and Sparsh Salon offers skin care, makeup, and everything in between. 

Calculating Nisha Lambha’s investments and market value & potential for growth in Sparsh, the net worth of Nisha Lambha is estimated at around two crores, and the figure will soar, seeing the rising craze for makeup.  

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Nisha Lamba Life Beyond Palettes And Brushes 

We have discussed many facets of Nisha Lambha’s life, yet one aspect remains untouched. Nisha Lamba and her life personally. Nisha Lamba is a wife, a mother, and a daughter before becoming a beautician, like every second Indian woman. 

Nisha Lamba married Dev Kumar Lamba, but her last is attached to one of the disdainful stories about Nisha Lamba and her love affair with a boy. Even after denial from her parent’s side, Nisha married a guy, but after a few years of marriage, the guy eloped. 

And that’s the incident Nisha Lamba was never able to swallow, but she has her beautiful daughter to accompany her in hard times, Devanshi Lamba, and one more. 

Quick Facts About Nisha Lamba

  • Nisha Lamba’s prominent clients include celebrities such as Malaika Arora, Sushmita Sen, and many more. 
  • Nisha Lamba was physically and mentally assaulted in her first marriage, and even after that, she gave a second chance to her ex-husband. 
  • Nisha Lambha was previously known as Nisha Malik, but after the wedding, she changed her surname. 
  • Nisha is enormously affectionate for tastes, and she has three tattoos and piercings on her ears. 
  • After makeup and skincare, Nisha Lamba is directed towards lifestyle and self-help videos to make aware and sharpen women against toxic relations.  

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