Lawrence Bishnoi: Gangster Cum Criminal- A Gangster You Must Know!

Lawrence Bishnoi


On February 12, 1992, Lawrence Bishnoi was born in a Jat family in the village of Dutaranwali in the Punjabi town of Abohar. At the time, his father was working for the Haryana Police as a police constable. His father became a prosperous farmer after leaving the police service in 1997.  


He finished his secondary education in Abohar in 2010 when he relocated to Chandigarh to enroll at Sector 10 DAV College for his undergraduate studies. In 2011, he became a member of the campus student council at Panjab University, where he met another mobster named Goldy Brar (actual name Satinder Singh). He started committing crimes and getting involved in campus politics after meeting Goldy. He completed his graduation with LLB from Panjab University.

Entry into the Criminal World

In Chandigarh, Lawrence Bishnoi became involved in criminal activity after many first information reports (FIRs) got filed against him for offenses like trespassing, assault, robbery, and assault with a deadly weapon between 2010 and 2012. These incidents were all connected to his participation in student politics.

Four of the seven Chandigarh FIRs filed against him resulted in his acquittal, and the other three cases are ongoing. Bishnoi made ties with prisoners’ thieves when he was in incarnation. He met with gun dealers and other neighborhood criminals after being freed. Throughout his schooling at Panjab University, his group grew in size.

Upon graduation, he allegedly shot dead the victor of the Government Engineering College in the Muktsar elections in 2013 and a rival candidate in the polls for the Ludhiana Municipal Council. After 2013, he started selling alcohol. He protected murderers within his group as well. Rajasthan Police took him to prison, where he planned murders and saw executions in 2014 after having an armed confrontation with Police officers.

Jaswinder Singh, nicknamed Rocky, a gangster-turned-politician, became his buddy. He continued to be active in Bharatpur, Rajasthan, under Rocky. Jaipal Bhullar murdered Rocky in 2016 before he was shot dead in 2020.

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Connection To Sidhu Moose Wala Murder

Connection To Sidhu Moose Wala Murder

Sidhu Moose Wala, a well-known singer, and politician, was shot and killed in May close to his home, sparking an extensive investigation. Following his death, the Punjab government’s decision to reduce his level of security came under intense criticism. In the endless depths of the research, more than 30 suspects got arrested with solid linkages to Bishnoi. 

The Lawrence Bishnoi gang allegedly devised an even more complex plan to murder Moose Wala following the failure of Mani Rayya and Mandeep Singh, nicknamed Toofan, to kill him. They put together two further modules, each with six shooters, and outfitted them with high-tech weapons like AK-47s and grenades.

Plan B To Kill Salman Khan

Salman Khan, a famous Bollywood actor, was the target of the Lawrence Bishnoi gang’s “Plan B.” In Bombay, the gang members shop close to the actor’s farmhouse to prepare for the assault.

Each shooter carried a handgun cartridge for small guns to kill Salman Khan. The Lawrence Bishnoi gang members had developed relationships with security officers outside the farmhouse to learn more about Salman Khan’s travel history and activities. They even pretended to be admirers to know more about Salman Khan.

Salman Khan had twice visited the farmhouse while the shooters were standing watch, but the gang members passed up the opportunity to launch an attack. According to the authorities, Lawrence Bishnoi is a member of the Bishnoi tribe, which reveres blackbucks. After assessing the threat level, Mumbai Police increased Salman’s security.

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