Inverter Vs Dual Inverter AC- Which Is Better?

Want to know the difference between inverter vs dual inverter AC? Here’s an article that can help you.

It’s been observed by us that whenever we visit the market to buy something, the market has to offer something better than the last time we went out to buy something. The same is in the case of air conditioners. A year before, air conditioners with inverters were introduced into the market. A year later, air conditioners with dual inverters were also introduced.

Firstly focusing on the inverter’s role in an air conditioner, it plays a significant role in saving power while using the air conditioner as it automatically optimises the usage of the motor as per the room temperature. This article will provide you with a comparison on inverter vs dual inverter AC to help you understand better.

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Inverter Vs Dual Inverter AC – What’s the Difference?

1. Costing

Being a middle-class family, you have to make sure that the product you are buying is within your budget, so while purchasing an air conditioner, you would prefer a single inverter air conditioner as it  is less expensive than the dual inverter air conditioner.

The compressor of an inverter AC is powered by BLDC motors. They may change the speed of the blower in reaction to environmental requirements. Even when not running at full speed, compressors provide greater temperature management. Dual inverter AC provides quicker cooling while working at a higher frequency. We must first examine the restrictions and needs before deciding on the kind AC desired.

2. Power Saving

The role of the inverter in an air conditioner is help in power saving by using the motor in an optimesd manner, so it can be easily understood that the air conditioner with dual inverter will save more power than the single inverter air conditioner.

3. Cooling Performance

The cooling performance of an air conditioner depends upon the performance of the motor and the performance of the motor is linked to the inverter, so a dual inverter air conditioner will provide a better colling performance than the single inverter air conditioner.

The inverter AC compressor employs BLDC motors, which aid in regulating turbo power in accordance with cooling needs. Inverter air conditioner compressors provide superior climate control and conditioning than non-inverter equivalents. The compressor of a twin inverter AC utilises modern BLDC motors, allowing for variable capacity and chilling speed.

4. Life Span

Life span of an air conditioner depends upon the life span of it’s compressor, the single inverter air conditioner has a life span of 15 to 20 years, where as the dual inverter air conditioner has a longer life span  because the load of the motor is distributed among two inverters.

5. Sound While Operating

The single inverter works just on a single compressor motor so the sound produced during it’s working is much more than the sound produced by dual inverter air conditioner.

A single cylindrical shape rotary compressors is used in standard alternating current. The main impact of this compressor is the high-speed spinning and vibrating effects. This results in an increase in levels of noise; if the game’s stability is higher, the oscillations will be lower. As a result, before choosing an inverter, we must consider noise difficulties.

6. Compressors

The single inverter air conditioner works with compressor with just one rotor whereas the dual inverter air conditioner works with an compressor having dual rotor , thus the dual inverter air conditioner works and performance better than the single sinverter air conditioner.

7. Weight

The air conditioner with dual inverter have a compressor that has two rotors where as the single inverter air conditioner has a compressor with single rotor , so the weight of dual inverter is much more than the single inverter air conditioner.

8. Intelligent Working

The air conditioners with dual inverter are more intelligent because they are able to make the optimal usage of the power during the operation and save more power than the air conditioners with single inverter.

9. Consumption of Energy

Dual inverters have a more power saving characteristic than standard inverter ACs. A dual inverter saves a lot of energy because it has dual compressors. They feature a wide working range and a reduced rotational frequency. As a result, dual inverters outperform standard inverters.

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We discussed the distinction between Inverter AC and Dual Inverter AC, and before deciding on the type of inverter required, you should use a variety of approaches to determine which one best meets your needs. During the choosing process, several aspects such as sound, strength, energy consumption, necessary space, and so on must be considered. Now you have all the information on inverter vs dual inverter AC and both the air conditioners have their own pros and cons , you have to choose the best as per you need.

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