Football Shoes Under 1000- Best Picks

Want to know the best football shoes under 1000? Don’t worry we got you covered.

Football is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports globally, and players spend a lot of time deciding which shoes to buy for the best performance on the field. Since there are so many options to choose from, it can get a little confusing for first-time buyers to decide which shoes will suit them the best.

Various types of cleats are available for specific conditions and turfs. For example, you might see notations such as SG, AG, MG, or TF and many more mentioned on football shoes. Don’t panic; these notations denote the type of surface the boots are suitable for. 

Football shoes come in all price ranges starting from ₹ 500 for the cheapest ones up to ₹ 30,000 or more for the professional shoes that some pro players might also use.

However, not everyone can afford or needs expensive top-end shoes, so we have compiled a list of top 10 best football shoes under 1,000. 

Best Football Shoes Under 1000 2023- Top 10 Picks

For the average person choosing proper Football Shoes can be a daunting task due to the plethora of options available at their disposal. So, here are ten shoes that we think offer the best bang for your buck. 

1. Nivia Dominator 

Nivia is one of the most famous sports-equipment companies in India. The Nivia Dominator is unique and one of a kind. It is manufactured by a proprietary Direct Injection Molding Technology, which provides improved grip and support. 

The shoe is made from Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), flexible at the toe area for better shots, and hard at the heel area to provide stability and balance while running.

They offer a stitchless design that prevents water from entering it and maintains a very stylish and sleek profile. 

The Nivia Dominator will retain the shape of your foot. So, the interior structure of the shoe gets molded perfectly to the shape of your feet, which yields superior grip, comfort, and stability on the ground. Furthermore, they come in sizes from UK 6 to UK 10. 


  • After washing, the shoes dry out very quickly, thanks to the TPU construction and moisture-wicking inner sole. 
  • The studs offer fantastic grip and stability on the ground. 
  • Superior flexibility around the toe area improves kicking and agility on the field. 


  • It might cause rashes and cuts on the heel due to its rigidity. 

2. B-TUF Intensity

The B-TUF Intensity is made from high-grade TPU with cushioned insole for improved comfort. These are some of the most comfortable and affordable shoes available under ₹ 1,000. The TPU construction makes them very lightweight and easy to run with. More over it doesn’t feel like you are running with some form of deadweight attached to your feet.

These shoes can be used in any weather conditions, and it sports 14 studs attached to the bottom of the sole. Also, it  provides exceptional grip and tethers you to the ground. 

Almost everyone dislikes cleaning their shoes; it is cumbersome and takes a lot of time. The reason being that you have to get inside every little nook and cranny to clean them properly. 

The B-TUF Intensity shoes take almost no effort to clean; you don’t need special brushes or polishes. All you have to do is take a damp cloth and wipe off the dirt. In fact, it comes off without any hassle; that’s how easy it is. 

If comfort is what you value the most in football shoes, look no further; the B-TUF Intensity is the right shoe for you.


  • The fourteen studs on the sole offer superior grip on the field.  
  • It has a very comfortable insole and can be worn for an extended period without any issues.
  • The shoes are effortless to clean.


  • The shoe design looks tacky. 

3. Vector X Armour

The Vector X Armour is designed to be used in rainy conditions; they have 14 studs on the sole, which offer superior grip and stability even when the ground gets slippery due to rain. The shoe is made from TPU which provides protection and doesn’t damage easily. 

Due to the padded footbed provided, they are pretty comfortable and fit around your feet snugly, keeping comfort as a priority. The Vector X Armour delivers pinpoint accuracy on long shots and doesn’t compromise power delivery.

The shoe also has a very stylish design; it sports a modern look with a classic touch to it. 

The unique lace structure improves striking power and accuracy while providing ample area to make contact with the ball. 


  • It offers excellent grip and support due to the 14 studs on the sole.
  • The PVC sole makes sure the under sole won’t damage easily. 
  • It sports a lace fastening design that looks stylish and increases the area of contact with the ball. 


  • The outer layer may be prone to scratches. 

4. Nivia Premier Carbonite

The Nivia Premier Carbonite is made with synthetic PVC leather, making them very durable and sturdy. The non-woven insole makes the inner material dry out very quickly; the outer sole is also made from PVC and comes with studs to improve grip and stability on the field.

If you don’t shell out the big bucks on a pair of football shoes but still want excellent quality, the Nivia Premier Carbonite is the right fit for you. 


  • Very affordable and of excellent quality. 
  • The non-woven insole allows the shoes to dry quickly. 
  • The bottom sole is made from PVC, which offers plenty of durability and protection. 


  • It offers a smaller area of contact with the ball. 

5. Nivia Aviator

The Nivia Aviator is a hard ground football shoe; the upper layer of the shoe is made with synthetic PVC leather, which makes it durable, and a TPU bottom sole which offers superior protection. 

The non-woven insole provides moisture-wicking properties and allows the insole to dry out quickly. Hard ground football shoes are made to be worn on dry and hard pitches; these types of shoes have smaller studs which are moulded pieces of plastic to prevent slipping on hard surfaces. 

These shoes are also very stylish and look striking with their black and orange color combination. 


  • The upper sole is made from synthetic PVC leather.
  • Non-woven insole for quick drying. 
  • Stylish and modern design. 


  • Not suitable for grass grounds. 

6. Vector X Volt

The Vector X Volt sports a very soft insole and inner lining; while putting on the shoes, many reviews have claimed it feels like placing your feet on a pillow instead of a hard boot. 

As the outer layer is made with a synthetic PVC material, cleaning the shoes couldn’t be easier. Due to the PVC material, dust, grime, and mud don’t stick easily to the shoe, and even if it does, it can be cleaned with a damp cloth. 

The Volt comes with 14 synthetic studs on the bottom sole, which offer good grip and stability on the field. It enhances the speed of your straight-line sprints and offers much-needed traction on wet and muddy fields. 

Many reviews have stated that these shoes are durable and will not disappoint you if you play on rough terrain. 


  • Highly durable and well built. 
  • The insole is very soft, making it very comfortable to wear. 
  • The studded sole offers high traction on the ground and rough terrains. 


  • The color scheme and style might not be appealing to some people. 

7. Vector VX-7

The upper part of the VX-7 is made with durable synthetic PVC leather, which improves first touch response and makes the shoe sturdy. The bottom sole is made from PVC with accentuated studs that provide excellent grip and stability on the ground. 

These shoes also come with an ankle-length collar that protects your ankles and has padded insoles that make them highly comfortable. The boots look pretty stylish with a white and orange color scheme, sporting a modern and trendy design. 


  • The synthetic leather on the outer part of the shoe offers a lot of ball control while also keeping it durable. 
  • The ankle-length collar is an added benefit that offers much-needed protection to your ankles. 
  • Very comfortable and trendy design. 


  • The studs make it challenging to play on hard grounds. 

8. GBG Messi

The Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) outsoles of the GBG Messi make it durable enough to be worn on hard grounds and synthetic turf.  These shoes are incredibly lightweight and agile, which allows for superior stability and straight-line sprint speed. 

It also sports a soft agility mesh on the outer part for optimal ball control and responsive touch. The insole is made from a die-cut EVA, which is exceptionally lightweight and comfortable. 

The outsole is flexible to provide better traction and support on the ground; they are available in three colors: bright orange, black, and green. 


  • The TPU construction allows for better durability and makes sure you can play on all types of terrain. 
  • The lightweight EVA mesh is very comfortable. 
  • The flexible outsole offers the better movement of the feet. 


  • It might not be suitable for regular use. 

9. Nivia Ashtang

The Ashtang’s come with triangular-shaped studs, which help them achieve excellent grip on all grounds. They also have an ankle-length grip, allowing the shoes to fit snugly on your feet and protect your ankle from injuries. 

As ankle injuries are very severe and can put you out of commission for months, the ankle grip provides needed support and protection. The Nivia Ashtang will have no problem on rough and rocky grounds due to the outer TPU layer, and they sport pre-molded EVA insoles, which offer superior comfort. 


  • The triangular studs offer a lot of grip and traction on the ground. 
  • The pre-molded EVA insole is very comfortable. 
  • The ankle-length grip offers a lot of protection to the ankle. 


  • There is a space in the front part of the shoe, making it prone to causing injuries. 

10. Nivia Airstrike

The Nivia Airstrike comes with a stitchless design that looks sleek and stylish. The inner lining and insole of the shoes are removable to clean and dry the boots properly. 

They also sport round studs, rubberized to aid movement in all directions while providing grip and support simultaneously. They are ideal for wet and soft grounds only. 


  • Stitchless design.
  • Circular and round studs to aid with movement. 
  • The molded in-sock grips your feet snugly. 


  • Not very comfortable. 

Buying Guide

Before you purchase new football shoes, here are a few things you should keep in mind before deciding.

Different Types of Football Shoes

There are various types of football shoes available for specific grounds. You might see markings such as SG / FG / AG / MG / TF / IC, which denote what type of surface that particular shoe is made for. Let’s go through some of them and what they mean.

  • SG or Soft Ground Boots

Soft ground boots are ideal for soft, muddy, or grassy grounds. These offer better traction than other boots during rainy seasons or whenever the ground isn’t dry. 

  • FG or Firm Ground Boots

These are precisely the opposite of soft ground shoes; these shoes are ideal for when the ground is parched. The studs that these shoes have are shaped like blades in most brands. However, the shape can differ in different brands. 

  • AG or Artificial Ground/Grass Boots

These boots are ideal for artificial grounds. Often called artificial grass boots, the studs in these shoes are circular and help with traction on synthetic plastic grounds. 

  • MG or Multi-ground Boots

Multi-ground boots are a pretty recent creation; they are a mix between firm ground and artificial ground boots. The studs in these shoes are small and circular, allowing them to work on dry grass fields and artificial grass grounds. However, not all companies have multi-ground boots, which might reduce your options. 

  • TF or Astroturf Boots 

These boots are only made for specific sand-based 2G pitches. They are not so popular anymore as when people fell on those pitches, the sand grazed their knees and hands pretty badly. 

  • IC or Indoor Court Trainers

These shoes are made for indoor courts which have hard gym flooring. These trainers have a flat and patterned sole to provide maximum grip on hard surfaces. Indoor court trainers are built for superior comfort and durability. 


The position you play on the field plays a significant role in deciding which shoe is the best for you. For example: if you play center-back or full-back, you need to get shoes with high durability and protection because you’re going to be tackling many people, and in such conditions, the safety of your foot is paramount.

As opposed to a forward striker who needs to be quick and agile, lightweight shoes with a clean and large lace area are much better for optimal accuracy. 

Foot Shape

A good football shoe should be rigid but flexible in all the places where your foot moves. You need a shoe that fits you perfectly and hugs your feet but not a death grip. This is necessary for having proper control and power over the ball. 

Your foot arch also plays an essential role in selecting the right shoe for you; if you have high arches, you should get shoes with cushioning to avoid injuries. The arch of your foot is responsible for how your body weight is distributed and balanced. 


The sizing aspect of your shoe is more important than you might think. If you get a shoe that’s too tight, you may end up with blisters on your foot. On the other hand, if you wear a loose shoe that doesn’t fit you correctly, you lose control over the ball. 


Football shoes broadly come in various materials, the most common: synthetic leather, genuine leather, or TPU. Leather offers the most comfortable upper material, and it molds itself to the shape of your feet over time. However, synthetic leather and TPU are much thinner, lighter, and more durable than genuine leather shoes. 


The lace part of your shoe is the part that will be doing a lot of shooting and scoring. Look for an asymmetrical lacing shoe; they provide a much larger contact area with the ball, improving power and accuracy.

Stud Type

Studs are the most crucial part of your football shoes. They should provide agility and traction but at the same time be nimble enough to make quick manoeuvres.  

We have discussed all the different types of studs and boots above, so be sure to check them out. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I wash my football shoes? 

Yes, you can wash your football shoes; some shoes might only need a damp cloth to get them clean, while others might require you to wash and dry them properly. 

  1. Is it possible to use one shoe for every type of ground or pitch?

It certainly is possible. However, it is not recommended as the studs are designed for specific grounds such as dry or wet pitches. The shape and make of the studs change according to different fields that a player might play on. 

  1. Are football shoes necessary?

Yes, they are necessary to provide ample support and traction on the ground and protect your feet. 

  1. How should a football shoe fit me?

Your football shoe should be the exact size of your foot, not smaller or bigger. It should snugly fit your foot without being so tight that it causes discomfort. There should be no space ahead of your toe as this might lead to injuries. 

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We hope this article has provided you with the necessary information to help you decide which is the best football shoes under 1000 for you. Whether you choose to buy a new pair of shoes or not, we hope you always stay safe on the field. 

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