Difference Between Split AC and Window AC- Which Is Better?

How the difference between split AC and window AC will help me to buy a better product?

Air conditioners have been working as an exit for us during the summers for a long time. However, we can still not answer the question everyone has when buying an air conditioner .i.e which is better, either a split or a window air conditioner. The honest answer to this is that both have their pros and cons, and you have to purchase the air conditioner that meets your needs to get the worth of the money you spend.

Difference between split AC and window AC – Comparison

  • Presence Of A Rectangular Window

A window air conditioner requires a rectangular window to be fitted and perform well. If a rectangular window is available, you may choose a window air conditioner; otherwise, you move towards a split air conditioner.

  • Cost Of Air Conditioner

A window air conditioner costs much less than a split air conditioner, so if you have a low budget, you may choose window air conditioners instead of going for a split air conditioner.

  • Sound And Noise

A window air conditioner creates more noise than a split air conditioner; this is why split air conditioners are preferred in premium places such as homes or in corporate offices. 

  • Efficient Working

Split air conditioners work more efficiently and can cool a larger area than the window air conditioner. So if you are looking to cool a large area such as a conference room in your office or the drawing room of your house, you should prefer a split air conditioner to cover a window air conditioner.

  • Energy Consumption

The power consumption is different in every air conditioner; you can buy a window air conditioner with a dual inverter that saves more energy than a split air conditioner with a single inverter that saves less energy. It depends upon the number of stars provided to the air conditioner by the company.

  • Maintenance

Everybody knows that a window air conditioner functions on a single unit, whereas a split air conditioner works on dual units. So, it can be readily understood that a window air conditioner would be easy to clean in a single unit than a split air conditioner that works on dual units.

  • Designs And Colors

It’s been observed that a window air conditioner generally comes in white colour, whereas a split air conditioner is available in various colours and designs. Thus we can choose an air conditioner that matches our room theme to provide a better look to your room.

Advantages of Split AC

  • Small Size

It has a rectangular form and is simple to mount on your wall. Compared to central air conditioners, the compact and basic design consumes less room.

  • Simpler Installation Procedure

The setup of a split air conditioner is significantly simpler than that of a central air conditioner. As the connection space, just a 3 inches diameter hole between the interior and outdoor units is required. After completing the installation, the devices must be connected to an electrical power supply. Typically, the air conditioner manufacturer will also include a multi-length channel for the inside and outdoor unit separation that may be adjusted to your needs.

  • Improved Energy Efficiency

When opposed to central air conditioners, split type air conditioners have a cooling efficiency of up to 30%. This is due to a poorly insulated connection on a central air conditioner, which causes an energy efficiency problem. Unlike the split variety, which is created without the need for a connection, this may raise the energy cost in order to minimise your power bill. In rare circumstances, split-type air conditioners can exceed efficiency standards by up to two times.

Advantages of Window AC

  • Low Cost

One of the most significant benefits of these large window air conditioners is its extremely low cost. The only disadvantage is that it produces more noise than a split unit AC. If you want to purchase single air conditioning systems, simply contact the finest air conditioning repair.

  • Easy to Install

The window air conditioner is quite simple to install. You can fix it manually if you have prior familiarity with electrical equipment. It is preferable to hire an air conditioning service to handle the installation procedure. The optimal time to repair is shortly after purchasing one.

  • Saves Energy

Air conditioning systems now cost far less to maintain than they did a few years ago, but they are still more expensive than some other household appliances. Window air conditioners are the most affordable option. They are incredibly effective, and they continue to improve with each generation that is released. If you can save money, choose an air conditioning provider in install a window air conditioner.

Frequently Askes Questions

  1. What is the differnce between a window AC and a split AC in terms of convinience?

A window AC has a single part whereas a split AC comes in two parts which makes the window AC handing easier as compared to a split AC.

2. Which AC type makes less noise?

A split AC comes with complete silence feature making no sound when turned on whereas a window AC makes relevant sound on it usage.

3. What brands you can consider for a window AC?

Some of the best window AC brands are:

  • VOLTAS 185 DZA 1.5 TON 5-STAR
difference between split ac and window ac


An air conditioner is an existence equipment that is frequently used nowadays. We’ve covered practically everything there is to know about an ac system, including its definitions, operations, and operation. We also investigated its parts, categories, and classifications. Now you know the difference between split ac and window ac but both have their pros and cons, but you have to choose the best according to your need.

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