Best Water Purifier in India – Buyer’s Review 2023

Water purification removes unwanted chemical substances, organic and inorganic elements, and biological pollutants. Distillation is also part of the process. Have a look at the best water purifier in India based on their prices.

Water purification plays a crucial role as the water will be used for drinking. Adding minerals in water often contains components such as calcium, magnesium, salt, and zinc, and it’s a relatively efficient approach to increase your mineral consumption. According to a new study, mineral water offers some actual health advantages. Have a look at the best water purifiers in India based on their prices.

Best Water Purifier in India 2023

The Kent Grand is 8-Litre Mineral RO + UV/UF water filter upgraded. This water purifier is a 7-stage purification system including UV, RO, and UF filters. The water purifier also has superior Mineral RO TM technology and an integrated TDS controller, which aids in the retention of all essential and crucial Natural minerals in the water. This Kent Grand assures you to drink the finest and healthiest filtered water.

On top of that, the business has included the Kent Grand RO Water filter to ensure that the product contains minerals. Not only that, but one of the most astonishing aspects of this device is its ability to filter water with TDS levels as high as 2000 ppm.

The device also has a UV fail warning and a filter change alert. This is a fantastic tool for those who lead hectic lifestyles and find it challenging to keep track of these details. The purifier has an 8-liter volume and can purify around 20 liters of water each hour. Consequently, it is regarded as one of the best RO Water Purifiers.


  • The safest water is provided via ultraviolet and ultrafiltration
  • All forms of water can be used with it
  • Provides at least three years of free servicing as well as free installation


  • It usually takes 2-5 days to deliver support services in remote locations.

You’ll appreciate this item if you’ve always trusted the advantages of copper in water purification and purification. HUL offers a RO water filter with its unique Copper Charge Technology. The health advantages provided by this purifier are endless when combined with the 7-stage water purification system.

The 7-stage purification process comprises RO-UV-MF filters, ensuring that you only drink the cleanest water available. If you are accustomed to using a copper pot for water, you will enjoy the absence of physical work in utilizing this purifier. You won’t have to worry about leaving water in a copper pot overnight or cleaning it regularly. This Water Purifier machine is self-contained. 

There are a few water-filled cleaners on the market. However, they include a copper water tank. In contrast, the Pureit Copper+ RO uses electrochemical dissolution technologies to charge the freshwater with over 99.8 percent copper before every dispense. This approach will save you a lot of time when performing the duties listed above and will supply you with healthy sips of copper-charged water anytime you choose.


  • Elegant, aesthetically pleasing, and ergonomic design
  • It has a hands-free bottle filling zone
  • Automatically cleans copper without the need for human input


  • The purifier is a little pricey

, a water purifier manufacturer, has become one of India’s top Water Filter brands in 2022. However, this suggests that the product will be offered at a price that many people will not afford. And we can assure you of one thing: this product will be valuable. This mineral water purification system also has a sizeable 7-liter storage capacity. High-quality RO+UF+UV+TDS controllers are included in the system.

This device is certified by WQA and NSF, which ensures that the water purifier has been thoroughly tested for safety and quality requirements. For its performance, the product has also received the gold seal certificate. This cleaner has been reported to work with various water sources.

The Kent Ace is an entirely automated system. The company has used cutting-edge technology such as spin welded RO membranes. This guarantees that the product will last longer and perform better. The parts are lead-free and relatively easy to install. If the setup is a concern for you, don’t worry; the manufacturer offers free installation.


  • The wall-mountable style complements your décor.
  • Purifies 15 liters of water per hour  
  • one-year components guarantee.


  • Water waste is unchecked.

Without question, Eureka Forbes Aquaguard has established itself as one of the most dependable names in the water purifier market. The whole globe, not just Indians, trusts in its ability to produce clean and safe water. The product has a 6-liter capacity and has a RO+UV+MTDS filtering technology.

Because MTDS technology is still very new, let me tell you a bit about it. This is a characteristic seen in several of this brand’s models. It achieves this by providing you with manual control over the flavor of the filtered water. This is especially beneficial for people living in industrial areas where the water tastes horrible.

On the other hand, advanced energy-saving technology has won our hearts. It would be best if you didn’t have to worry about the filters constantly running after the water tank is filled since this device cuts off the power use once it’s completed. This will help save money on your electric bill.


  • The product utilizes less energy
  • Efficient operates on 230 watts of electricity
  • It has a water level indicator


  • It does not include a filter change indication or a warning.

This cleaner will be safe even during high-voltage fluctuations. This is made feasible because of the built-in voltage guard. This lesser-known brand provides you with efficient and lengthy water purifiers made of plastic, with a storage tank made of meal plastic that is suitable for your household to use.

The incoming water will go through six stages in total. These filters include pre-RO carbon filters, pre-sediment filters, UV filtration, membrane filtration membranes, etc. This thorough cleaning will aid in the establishment of a barrier against any dangerous substances you may be 

exposed to.

A one-year warranty and free installation back the HUL Pureit 5 Ltrs Classic RO+UV+MP 6 Stage Water Purifier. Because the product weighs just around 7 kg, you can easily install it on your kitchen wall and improve the look of your kitchen area.


  • Protects a gadget from high voltage fluctuations
  • The brand provides simple, rapid, and free installation
  • The RO+UV+MP+TDS controller provides advanced water purification


  • It does not have a decent design and is quite simplistic.

If your water includes a lot of dirt and inorganic particles, the Kent Maxx UV + UF Water Filter is the gadget for you! This water purifier not only kills all of the lurking bacteria and viruses that threaten your health but also clears out all types of cysts. All suspended contaminants are removed by the UF membrane, resulting in high-quality filtered water.

This water purifier features an external storage tank that employs UV filtration to purify and sterilize the water, making it healthy and safe for consumption. You may be confident that it is safe for all sorts of water. The device has a capacity of approximately 7 liters and a one-year guarantee.

The sediment layer, which aids in removing visible suspended particles, is one of the device’s most outstanding characteristics. In addition, the activated carbon filter aids in the removal of unpleasant odors, the taste of water, and other contaminants.


  • There is no wastewater.
  • Pretty good water purifying system  
  • low cost of maintenance


  • Not suitable for high TDS water

The Hindware Elara RO+UV+UF+Mineral Water Purifier comprises a 7-stage purification system with an absorbent pre-carbon filter, UV light, ultra-fine sediment filter.  

All of the input water that passes through all seven stages removes all contaminants, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of clean, safe drinking water. The water filtration system can handle even high TDS levels of 1800ppm. It has already been proven that just a few strategies can provide you with this level of competence.

On an hourly basis, the device can cleanse around 12-liters of water. In comparison, its storage tank can hold up to 7 liters of water at any given moment. This product’s front panel displays indications such as tank complete filtration process on/off.

This type has the same properties as any other excellent water purifying system. However, the product shines and distinguishes itself by its elegant appearance. The dual-color motif, detachable drip tray, and top-level make it seem contemporary.


  • Natural minerals are added to filtered water for general health
  • It is suitable for all types of water
  • Design that is both stylish and visually pleasant


  • Not suitable for water with a low TDS

The LG Puricare WW182EP is made of stainless steel to provide dual protection. The device has a capacity of about 8 liters and comes with a one-year warranty against faults. This model’s purification procedure is pretty basic and straightforward—three steps of natural filtration, preservation, and maintenance. The device has a multi-level RO system that aids in the removal of any dangerous germs.

It is also critical that your freshwater is not contaminated by bacterial development, so this device includes a stainless steel water tank to ensure its purity. It also uses UV Plus LED to keep the stored water disinfected and safe for use.

The water is kept clean with the help of Digital sterilizing treatment, which aids in the removal of any dangerous contaminants. You also don’t have to worry about critical minerals depleting in the water because its mineral booster helps replace them, making it healthier.


  • Mineral complements to keep your water healthy.
  • It includes a bright display for all of the indications.
  • Allows for the reuse of rejected water


  • Expensive

The product is for all the women who are too concerned about giving the best for their children. The Havells Max 8-liters RO UV Water Purifier uses double-layer water filtration to remove contaminants from water efficiently. While the UV filter kills all of the harmful germs and viruses that stay in the water, it also provides you with safe sips.

Many critical minerals are wasted during the purification process using RO filters. However, this product does not have a Mineralizer function that refills the water with depleted nutrients essential for body growth. The Minerals Cartridge also aids in the maintenance of a healthy pH level in the water.

Not only that, but the product includes a Revitalizer, which aids in the reformation of water molecules. This can assist you in more efficiently absorbing the minerals in the water while also refreshing your body with optimal hydration.


  • Water is safe after two levels of treatment.
  • The Mineralizer function replenishes lost natural minerals
  • Improves hydration and mineral absorption


  • Requires a lot of upkeep

Best Average Pick – Eureka Forbes Aquasure

This is now one of the top water purifiers in India 2022. The Aquaguard Enhance 7L RO + UV + TDS Water Purifier has the necessary functions to assure safe and clean water. With the aid of some of the most significant characteristics listed below, the product is focused on producing a healthy and clean output of water:

The Aquaguard water purifier uses UV/UF and RO technologies to produce the safest cleaned water possible. Another function called as iFilter assists in this treatment procedure. The filter aids in the removal of big particles suspended in the water supply and removes any chemicals and organic pollutants present in the water.

The RO cartridge lowers the TDS level in the water, changing it into a beneficial elixir for your body. The product includes a UV chamber battling to guarantee that no bacteria survive to ruin your day. The ultrafiltration process helps clear the waters and makes them safe for drinking with a flow rate of 15 liters per hour.


  • It makes little to no noise at all.
  • It has a large storage capacity.
  • Nature’s automation aids in the conservation of energy and money.


  • Rejects a large amount of water

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Water shortage is accurate, and it is becoming worse over time. Adding to that, the reality that water contamination is worsening makes matters much more frightening. However, appreciating technical advancement, we have produced water purifiers that are powerful enough to deal with these grave situations.

The truth is that having a water purifier is no longer a choice. It would be valuable if you had it, and it must be the best. Whether in a city or a town, in the mountains or on the plains, no matter where you reside.

A proper water purifier will keep you and your family safe from infections and symptoms caused by contaminated water. So, it’s time to buy the best water purifier in India for your home now or replace your old, worn-out machine as soon as possible.

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