Best Water Purifier Brands In India 2023- Buyer’s Review

Want to have a clean drinking water experience every time you feel thirsty? You must know about the best water purifier brands in India to help you keep yourself and your loved ones healthy.

“Ninety-seven percent of the earth’s surface is covered with water.” The fact that we studied in 3rd class along with this fact that only about 1.2 percent is usable by the humans. Only a handful percentage of water is available for the humans for drinking, and to meet the demands of humans for drinking water; the government has set up a water cleaning plant for nearly every district, but we still aren’t sure that the supply of water we receive in our houses is hundred percent clean and safe for us to drink or not.

That’s when the water purifiers come into play; a water purifier cleans water using filters; the more the number filters in a purifier, the more clean the water is and safe to drink. The market of water purifiers is filled with several brands, so the following are some best water purifier brands you may consider while buying a water purifier.

Best water purifier brands in India- Top Picks

One of the oldest brands in the market is known for its after-sale services and the built quality of its products. The company has various products in kitchen appliances such as vegetables and fruit cleaner, egg boiler and many others. The company offers multiple purifiers with different properties. The purifiers are generally provided with a litre tank that can meet the water needs of a joint family. The electricity consumption of the products is typically 60 watts; it may vary if you are going for an out of the box product offered by the company.

2. AquaGuard

One of the biggest market holders of water purifiers, the company has been known for its technology evolution as time passes. The company came into the limelight with the RO technology that became a part of everybody’s kitchen. Since then, the company has evolved and can compete against its competitors. The company is known for its after-sale services and the product’s durability. The purifier ranges from 6,000 to 15,000; you may choose the best one as per your need.

3. AquaSure

A Mumbai based home appliance company that is known for its affordable home appliances. The company tries to offer the best quality product to its customers within a reasonable price range. The prices of their products start from just 400 to 10,000, thus making them affordable to the middle-class families of India. AquaSure Ro plus UV is the best purifier by this company; the purifier allows double cleaning of water using reverse osmosis technology and UV rays technology.

A company with explication as Life’ Good has been in the Indian market for a long time. The South Korea based company has entered every line of product in India and has achieved brand loyalty from the Indian customers. The company has now entered the line of water purifiers in India and offers a wide range of products for it’s customer base. The company is known for its intelligent water cleaning using various technologies.LG’s RO+ UV+UF water purifier is known to be the best water purifier offered by the company for it’s customers. The product price is nearly 28k, obviously for the above middle-class families.

Reasons to Buy Water Purifier

  • Improves the Flavor

According to the Clean Water Centre, water supply spends the majority of its time hanging in subterranean tanks or flowing through miles of antiquated lead pipes. As a consequence, it takes up unwanted tastes and odours along the road, which it then passes on to you before you drink it. Because our bodies are hyper delicate to taste and scent, drinking water is a common choice.

  • Defends Against Bacteria

While living in a polluted environment increases your chance of contracting severe diseases like cholera, E. coli, and salmonella, the good news is that a water purifier may decrease your chances of contact to certain diseases by screening out germs in the water you consume.

  • Defends Against Chlorine

Chlorine, which is becoming increasingly common in urban water systems, is frequently added to treat the water to increase safety for personal consumption. However, while chlorine does destroy certain germs and parasites, it also poses some serious health concerns of its own.

  • It Safeguards Against Viruses and Other Parasites.

While chlorine helps to make water safer from bacteria, it does nothing to protect you from viruses or other parasites that may be present in your tap water. Again, RO water purifiers provide a solution by filtering out these hazardous organisms, ensuring safe and clean drinking water.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it good to keep the water purifier brands turned on all day?

The water purifiers operate only when there is less water in the tank which is most likely during the day time and has no usage in the night, so keeping it on will create no issue on the working of a water purifier.

2. Which water purifier is the cheapest?

HUL PureIt water purifiers are the cheapest and require very low maintenance upon its working along with its ease of access in the market.

3. Do water purifiers waste water?

Yes, water purifiers waste water as they intake excess water and clean it up to provide you a clean drinking water with added minerals.

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Although tap water is convenient at the expense of your wellbeing, water purifiers allow you to consume safe and clean water. They are not only simple to install in your house. They are also one of the finest ways to invest in some well of your families. There are several best water purifier brands in India to consider while buying water purifiers, and each company has its pros and cons; choose the best that meets your needs.

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