Best Thermal Wear in India 2023 – Reviewed by Hardik Tankariya

For some, winter is the most beautiful season while others appreciate the fact that this season allows them to wear as many layers as they need. The decision to choose best thermal wear in India is influenced by your needs and preferences. Before you choose one, think about its size, fit, surface, substance, and so many more. This internal lawyer’s job is to keep the body warm while preventing the fresh air from attacking the wearer’s skin. Men, women, and individuals of all ages should prioritize this item on their buying list before the colder season arrives.

Thermal is a textured touch on the top or bottoms that provides security and keeps the body warm. It is a source of comfort since they absorb perspiration and keep you warm. It is lightweight and allows you to do your work comfortably even during the cold. Thermal is a textured touch on the top or bottoms that provides security and keeps the body warm. It is a source of comfort since they absorb perspiration and keep you warm. It is lightweight and allows you to do your work comfortably even during the cold.

A high-quality thermal is an important winter garment that will adhere to your body like a second skin and keep you warm. Regardless of how many layers of winter gear you wear, the harsh winter may effectively freeze you, and two to three layers of clothing can make you appear ungainly. Without a doubt, thermals will keep you warm in the winter and will give you a clean appearance in a flash. Nonetheless, there are other brands that promise more surface and security. Therefore to make your purchase decision easier, we have put together 10 Best Thermal Wear for Winters in India that are affordable and yet of good quality.

Best Thermal Wear in India for Winters 2023

Hap Kings is a well-known brand of thermal clothing. They create thermal blends that provide comfort to consumers. The material comes with a heat-catching limit that prevents body heat from escaping, even if it is frigid outside. It is available in a variety of price levels. Individuals who are sensitive to the texture of thermals should go for Hap Kings.

The brand provides a mixed material feel that allows the wearer to believe. Because of their flexibility, both the upper and bottom pieces by Hap Kings fit nicely. These thermals are warm and designed with cutting-edge technology to be both light and warm. These thermals of brushed cotton, polyester, and acrylic fiber blended material are nicely fit and tight, with a ribbed texture to prevent riding up and a ‘no hang’ grip.


  • Super soft winter innerwear that is both durable and comfortable and  Body-fitting to keep you warm and snug throughout the cold winters
  • Stylish for a terrific appearance and available in a variety of colors
  • Composition of Materials: Cotton, Polyester, and Viscose
  • Designed to fit, with an extremely comfortable waistline and a spandex cuff at the ankles for a ‘no sag’ fit. It may be worn as both innerwear and outerwear.
  • To ensure a proper fit, assess your size and purchase at least one size larger.
Different sizes are available Cost-effective productQuality is not highly appreciated by the consumers.Doesn’t warm up that much


The users felt that the product is not thermal but just ordinary cotton and they also feel that it was not too warm. Few customers felt that the product was good. Apart from this, some users do find it suitable for their likes.

Neva Garments is one of the leading brands in India. Neva deals with summer wear, Winter wear, Activewear, Innerwear, and Thermal wear. They have retailers, Distributors and also have exclusive stores in more than 200 locations all over India. You can also find Neva Garments limited on various social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and also on their very own website.


  • The fabric of any product is an important factor to consider. Super Soft cotton wear that supports your body. It also provides to keep the body warm.
  • It gives a stylish and comfortable appeal. 
  • To ensure a proper fit, assess your size accordingly and purchase at least one size larger as the fit is a Slim fit. 
  • Care Instructions: Should wash with cold water, it has to be dried naturally and a very important factor is that it should not be bleached.
It gives a stylish appeal.Gives soothing warmth to your body.Fits like a gloveThe size fit might differ as it is not stretchable.Defects in stitching


High quality, warm, and very comfortable clothing, and half of the consumers felt it was an amazing product and half of the consumers found defects in the product but still gave an okay-ish review.

Zimfit fabricates thermals for men, women, and kids and also offers a wide scope of thermal wear like a half sleeve, full sleeve, and also sleeveless. The quality and the warmth of the fabric will give a cozy feeling and also gives security against cold winters. The thermals of this brand come in various sizes, which permits the individuals to get a perfect or agreeable fit for himself/themselves accordingly. Zimfit is one of the well-known brands in the market selling affordable yet quality thermal wear for cold weather.


  • Composition of Materials: 56% cotton, 23% poly and 21% viscose 
  • Care instructions: Gently wash in lukewarm water. Do not bleach. 
  • It is a tailored fit which is almost the same as a Slim fit.
  • The sizes available for this dress: S-32 inch/ M-34 /L-36 / XL-38 / XXL-40/ XXXL-42/ 4XL-44 inch
  • Colors available for this product – Grey color only 
The product has a warm texture and gives a warm and cozy feeling.Available in different sizes fitting a wider body type and body-friendlySlim fit typeThe product shrinks a bit after its first wash. 


The product has a warm texture but the only defect is that it shrinks after the first washing. Therefore it is better to buy at least one size larger than your actual size. Moreover, this product has also been liked by many customers despite the defects that it holds.

Jockey is an amazing brand that allows an individual to have a perfect fit and doesn’t make it hard to relax. The texture of Jockey thermals will undoubtedly keep you warm during wintertime. The thermal comes in different shades, that is, pink, charcoal, white, and bounty. Jockey has had its own wide range of admirers for a long time for its brand image and mainly for the quality of the product. Jockey is one of the popular and reputed brands that also sell thermal wear brands in India; they are light and are excessively delicate on the skin.


  • Composition of Materials: 56% cotton, 23% poly and 21% viscose 
  • It has super Combed Cotton Rich “Brushed Interlock” fabric. Brushed interlock fabric is thicker than most other fabrics and also has a smooth surface and it also does not curl like other knit fabrics.
  • The waistband of this product is also made of fabric and it is durable and soft. 
  • Colors available on this product: Charcoal Melange and off-white.
The quality and brand of the product is well established.The fabric is rich and does not give an unease feel.Made up of 50% of cottonThe product shrinks after the first wash because of the fabric.The product bought online has got negative reviews from customers.


The thermal product helped a consumer maintain his/her body temperature at a -20 degree on snow cloud mountains. Whereas most consumers prefer buying the product directly from the store itself than online as they can find faults in the clothes ordered online. 

Oswal is one of the best brands with reasonable prices. It is a budget-friendly body warmer. The durability of this product will be longer as it is a zero shrink material. Thermal wear is also available in different sizes and colors. Oswal provides extra protection during winter. Oswal body warmer is one such indi brand that is known amongst the indian folks. It offers a wide variety of body warmers and thermal wear for al gender, shapes and sizes.


  • It has a soft, absorbent and warm texture.
  • It is available in different sizes: s-80cm /m- 85 cm /l-90 cm /xl-95 cm/xxl-100 cm
  • Care instructions: should be gently washed in lukewarm water. It should not be bleached.
  • Composition of Materials: it is composed of soft and thick Polly, viscose, fleece and zero shrink fabric.
The different size option is available It has a soft and comfortable textureThe majority of the users felt that the quality of the product was poor.Didnt provide the warmth the customers expected.


Most of the consumers had trouble with the size and the quality of the product and had to make a return. A few users found it useful and preferred it to be the best despite the fact that it didnt give the warmth they expected. Its stylish appeal and the super soft texture made up to the cons of the product.

Lux Inferno has almost never disappointed their users as they have given pro items like warm thermal wear which comes in different unpretentious shades that would get along with your work apparel just as easy going attire. The thermals are reachable at a sensible value range. It helps you relax during the colder period of time. Lux inferno is also one of the best thermal wear brands in India. There are different styles of thermal wear available in this brand that would supplement your full sleeve, half sleeve, and also sleeveless outfits.


  • Composition of Materials: it is a 100% cotton fabric. It is soft, cool and absorbent in nature and gives a feeling of comfort and warmth. 
  • Care instructions: Machine wash and also gentle hand wash is okay. Do not bleach. 
  • The product is light weight and skin-friendly in nature.
  • The Lux Inferno Ladies Thermal Top and Lower Set is a fit type.
The fabric is soft and gives warmth during wintertime.Available in different sizes for different body types.None


This Lux Inferno Ladies ¾ Thermal top and the lower set have received positive reviews from consumers. They feel that the fabric is soft and gives warmth during winter. The consumers also feel that the price of the product is quite high. The fact that it has no cons makes up to how good the termal wear actually is.

It is not a well-established brand yet but Vimal is still a notable brand in the thermal wear class. It offers a delicate texture with sharp looks. Vimal gives warmth during winter times. If the consumer needs soft, absorbent and quality thermals at a reasonable cost , then they need to go for this product.

It has a huge image among individuals because of the promised image of the product and also because of the security it gives to the wearer. Vimal Jonney is without a doubt a notable and deserves a mention in the list of the best thermal wear brands in India. Vimal johnny is rather familiar brand in India as it noteworthy brand that manufactures thermal wears for all genders 


  • It is made of blended fabric so it gives a performance, feel,s and durability of the product.
  • The sizes available on this product are: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL, 4XL and sizes from 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44 Inch.
  • Vimal Jonney apparel and clothing are manufactured with care that passes through a series of quality checks ensuring the best comfort and best customer experience.
Provides best comfort.Available in different sizes for all body types.Manufactures in India.Consumers have a difference of opinion and the majority thinks the product is just okay-ish.


More than Half the customers feel that the product is excellent and the price is reasonable and the other half feels that the product is of bad quality and the quality is poor. Every products have people who favor it and unfavor it, because it all comes down to personal choice.

Hanes like other thermal wear brandeis one amongst the popular ones which uses the blended fabric of both polyester and cotton to fabricate their thermal clothing to provide a delicate feel, unrivaled solace, and warmth to the users. These thermals are available in various sizes along with neck and sleeves. The thermals are also available at reasonable prices and it also gives sensitive surface thermals to the users.


  • It is made of luxurious Cotton, Polyester and also viscose fabric. This fabric gives an ultra-soft feel, extreme comfort, and warmth.
  • Colors available on this product: Anthra Melange
  • It is Shaped to fit with U-neck design and it also gives an exceptional fit.
  • Care Instructions: It can be washed in a machine with cold water.
Luxurious and comfortable to the skin.Reasonable priceProvides warmth during winter times.Comes in different sizesNone


Hanes is undoubtedly one of the most well known brand which sells good quality clothing among which they sell a good quality of thermal wears. Most of the consumers feel that the product has satisfied their requirements. Its has no cons to the product which says alot about the brand and the product.

Bodycare is one amongst the popular and well known brand that manufacuters thermal wear is for a complete family and it is a stand out for all age groups and gatherings. Consolidate grey, dark melange, charcoal and white are the shades available for Men and Women. Pink, Dull blue, Naval blue and sky blue are the shades available for kids. The products of Bodycare insider is highly recommendable during the time of winter as it gives warmth, comfort, and protection during the coldest times.


  • It helps in wicks of moisture from the body after heavy workouts or any physical activity. The sweat doesn’t soak through the fabric and does not cause discomfort.
  • It is a regular fit type and works in providing warmth during colder times.
  • Care instructions: Gently wash in a machine with lukewarm water. Most importantly it shouldn’t be bleached.
  • It is suitable for the following sizes: 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-18 months, 18-24 months, 3-4 years, 4-5 years, 5-6 years, 7-8 years, 9-10 years, 10-12 years.
It helps in absorbing sweat easily after physical activity by not causing any discomfort.No customer reviews on this product to have a more clear understanding of the product.


Bodycare Insider manufactures quality clothing wear and especially thermal wear for all body types and yet be stylish. This thermal wear clothes warms your body to a good extent. No customer ratings yet but this product has a 4 star rating. 

Dixcy Scott is a well-known brand with a robust network of 850+ distributors that supply items to over 120000 retail locations across the country. Dixcy Scott has evolved from an innerwear company to a renowned garment company. Dixcy Scott has debuted premium range items, including track trousers, t-shirts, and shorts. The premium line of the firm is currently expanding globally. Dixcy Scott is a well-known brand for creating and selling high-quality apparel in a range of sizes and colours.


  • Its items were created with the newest trends and styles in casual fashion in mind, allowing you to stand out while wearing them.
  • It can be washed with mild detergents in the washing machine. It is not advisable to iron the prints on the t-shirt. It has to be kept away from direct sunlight to retain fabric shine.
The quality of the product is outstanding.The style of the t-shirt stands out.None.


Dixcy scott is undoubtedly loved and favoured by most of the customers. The Consumers prefer this product to present it as gifts as the quality of the product is outstanding. All the users felt the product was amazing as it is an affordable option for a good quality thermal wear.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the cloth type used in thermal wears?

The most commonly used cloth material used in thermal wear is merino wool which is good in terms of providing comfort and a proper air passage for breathing. You can wear thermal wears made of such cloth as it is thin in size which you can wear under your usual clothes.

2. What should you consider when choosing a thermal wear?

Three important aspects of any thermal wear are:

  • Material or cloth type
  • Size
  • Use of thermal wear

3. How to clean thermal wears?

When cleaning a thermal wear in washing machines, you can use a fabric cleanser or softener to keep the material in its original form which does not damage the thermal wear durability.

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To summarise, thermal clothing have become such a statement and essential component in every wardrobe since they have an eye-catching design appeal that people are so into. Because India is known for its changeable weather, one state may have a scorching summer while another has a chilling winter, a thermal wear that works for both conditions is an excellent investment. Gone are the days of wearing bulky, heavy, and unsightly body warmers and thermal clothing when you can now combine comfort and fashion in a single purchase.

We hope that the above list of the 10 Best Thermal Wear In India for Winters, along with its specs, features, pros and drawbacks, user comments, and a link to the product, has helped you make a more informed selection. As a result, let us know in the comments section below which is your favourite thermal apparel brand or which brand from the list you would most likely shop from.

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