Best Tea In India 2023 – Latest Review by Hardik

The whole day drains you out. You come back home, and you are presented with a cup of tea. How does it feel? We know it! Your head feels better, and your life feels less tiring now. Doesn’t it? Or imagine you wake up still sleepy. Then you take a sip of tea. Feel refreshed? A cup of tea wakes you up!

Tea is widely drunk in India. So having the best tea in India is crucial for us Indians. Because why not? Not just in India, people around the world are obsessed with tea. Haven’t you heard of ‘Chai Tea Latte’? Yes, that’s the English word for Indian tea; ‘chai.’ So let us look at the best Tea in India!

Best Tea in India 2023 – Top 10 List!

As said before, Indians are obsessed with tea. So you can find a vast number of companies manufacturing tea and having tough competition. Now let’s see which teas are included in our list of the best tea in India.

No Indian can deny the fact that they have at least once drunk Tata Tea gold. Tata Tea Gold is one of the most sold tea packets in India. It is made out of Assam CTC teas with 15% Long leaves to ensure the taste and aroma are at their best. Tata Tea Gold has three variants, Tata Tea Gold Mixture, Tata Tea Gold, and Tata Tea Care. 


It has 15% long leaves to maintain and infuse the refreshing aroma, with the rest being Assam CTC teas to give you the best taste. 


Has a distinctive aroma and taste.

Indian product.

Pretty affordable.


Cheaper products are available in the market.

Not for people who do not prefer a strong taste.


You will experience the great aroma Tata Tea Gold provides as soon as the product starts giving out its flavour into the boiling water. The taste must be modified according to your preferences as Tata Tea Gold has a very strong taste.

We have another Tata Tea product here, and you might see more of these in this article as these are some of the best tea suppliers in India. Tata Tea Agni has an excellent taste and aroma, resulting from 10% strong leaves. It was initially introduced for people to have access to good quality tea at a low price.


10% strong leaves provide a beautiful aroma, taste, and colour to the tea. And its cost-effectiveness is a cherry on top.


10% strong leaves are a perfect source for an excellent aroma and taste.

Extremely cost-effective for such a good quality product.


The expiry date information suggests that it can last for a year in perfect condition, but the quality might diminish earlier.


As the name suggests, ‘Agni,’ it is really a fire taste in your mouth. The taste and aroma are excellent.

You can walk into any Indian home and ask them about their tea brand preferences, and they will at least once mention Red Label Tea which brings it to the list of the best tea in India. It comes with a ziplock pack, and the main aim of Brooke Bond Red Label is to bring people together, and a cup of tea does the job.


Rich taste and aroma with a promising colour. 



Comes with a ziplock packaging.

Promising colour and aroma.


Cheaper options are available in the market.


As the brand itself claims to give a rich colour and taste, it stands on its claims. The colour is truly unique, and the taste is also pretty good. 

Tata Tea Premium, ‘Desh ki chai’ as the brand calls this product is a blend of rich tastes which can refreshen you in the early mornings, evenings, or even a tiny tea break. Not just the tea, Tata Tea Premium takes a step towards saving the environment by using environmentally friendly packaging. You can also find this tea in a teabag format. 


A good taste, colour, and aroma with environment friendly packaging. 


Environment-friendly packaging.

Good reputation amongst Indians so you can trust its taste and refreshing effects.

Affordable for such good quality.


It might seem a little costlier compared to many other brands in the market.


We can tell by the taste and aroma why the Indians trust it so much. If you are a tea enthusiast, you will definitely want to drink Tata Tea Premium again and again. 

You must have definitely heard ‘Wah Taj’ while looking through the T.V channels. Brooke Bond Taj Mahal is a luxury tea as it is expertly tested to ensure that the best quality, taste, and aroma is delivered to you. The quality is highly trusted amongst Indians, and you can taste the product’s premium quality in every sip of it. You can buy this product as loose leaves and also in the form of teabags.


A premium quality tea is delivered to you at a reasonable price. 


Very much trusted by Indian consumers for its luxury feel and quality.

Affordable for such premium quality.


A little costly.


The idea of the majority of the people regarding the premium quality of Brooke Bond Taj Mahal is met in real life. 

If you are working on weight loss and want to add supplements to fasten your results, green tea would be the best addition to your diet. Tetley Green tea provides authentic green tea. You can buy Tetley green tea in different varieties such as lemon green tea, lemon and honey green tea, and lemon, mint, and ginger green tea to make it even better. You can buy Tetley Green tea as tea bags, but we would say, it is more cost-effective when bought as loose leaves.


It consists of long leaves with added vitamin c, a great source of antioxidants. 


An excellent source of vitamin c antioxidants to boost your metabolism.

Cheaper than other green tea brands in the market.

Comes in loose leaves as well.


It might not be affordable for all.


The reason for Tetley Green Tea to be included in the list of ‘Best tea in India’ is its affordability, vitamin c, antioxidants, and the capability to boost your metabolism. It is excellent in boosting your metabolism if consumed regularly.

With the tagline ‘Wagh Bakri chai humesha rishtey banae,’ Wagh Bakri tea has been in India for a long time and has gained massive popularity with its strong taste, aroma, and colour. You can buy this in the form of loose leaves, and the best part is it is not caffeinated, so you do not have to limit yourself from consuming it more often. But it is better to consume tea only twice a day.


Non Caffeinated tea Wagh Bakri tea has Assam tea leaves, so it is evident that it has a great aroma and taste.


  • Non Caffeinated tea so it will not harm you on regular consumption.
  • Assam tea authenticity is provided.


  • A little costly.


Though you pay a little extra on Wagh Bakri tea, it is worth it. The taste is refreshing.

Lipton Green tea is one of the most popularly known green tea brands in India, and that brings it to our list of ‘Best tea in India.’ Lipton green tea has zero calories and has the capability to boost your metabolism and hence lose your belly fat. Multiple flavours of Lipton green tea are available in the market, and they only use natural flavouring. You can buy this in tea bags or as loose leaves. 


Lipton green tea uses natural flavours and has zero calories so that you can trust it with authenticity and weight loss. 


  • Zero calories so it has no part in your calorie consumption but does make a difference in the calorie burning process.
  • Only natural flavouring, so you do not have to worry about chemical intake.


  • Cheaper green tea brands are available in the market with good quality.


The taste is pretty authentic and must be drunk hot as green tea tends to get a little bitter when it cools down. You can trust Lipton green tea with boosting your metabolism if you consume it regularly.

Ty-phoo, though not Indian, is growing its market in India and is also gaining a huge business. Ty-phoo provides authentic Indian tea in India and even other countries of the world. It is a premium brand, so it is a little on the costlier side. The flavours provided by Ty-phoo are phenomenal. 


A considerable amount of Ty-phoo tea is supplied from India and has an authentic Indian taste. It has many flavours with fantastic packaging.


  • No artificial colouring or flavouring.
  • Premium quality with a wide variety of teas available.


  • A little too costly.


Yes, Ty-phoo is a little costly, but it definitely takes its quality seriously. The taste of each variety gives a premium feel.

Not as popular as other tea brands, but Vedaka Premium tea deserves to be on the list of ‘Best tea in India.’ The taste, aroma, and the capability to freshen you are filled in one cup of Vedaka Premium tea. You can buy with different add-ons such as masala tea, ginger tea, Sulaimani tea, and more. 


Vedaka is authentic Indian tea sourced from Assam, Doors, and Nilgiris. The flavours include masala tea, ginger tea, Sulaimani tea, and more.


  • Multiple flavours available.
  • Affordable.


  • The aroma of Vedaka Premium tea might seem like a little less than other famous brands.


Vedaka Premium tea provides an optimum level of aroma and taste. The flavours are pretty Indian and suit your requirements to reduce headaches. 

So we are now done with the list of the best tea in India. The list consists of 10 tea varieties that you can trust! 

What is Tea?

Of course, tea is nothing new to Indians. But did you know? Tea is the most popular drink in India. Indians just cannot live without tea. Be it in the morning or when the sun goes down, the sky seems golden.

Anywhere you go, you can find a ‘chai wala’ on the edge of the street who, we can assure you, does a good business out of it. Tea is served to guests in almost all seasons because who can resist tea in India? 

Tea is basically a shrub, which is dried and processed to be drunk with hot water. Indians go a step further and add some milk and sugar to it. These are great for you to sip on winter days.

Tea Health Benefits?

Tea is just not drunk for its taste. We agree that a cup of black tea infused with ginger can get an ‘aha’ out of your mouth, but it serves more than that. Tea infused with ginger does an excellent job of keeping you warm on cold winter days. Tea has many other benefits that you can enjoy too!


In the days of the pandemic. What was it that we required the most? You guessed it right, immunity. Tea is an excellent source of immunity that you can just take a few minutes to sip up with pleasure. You can drink tulsi tea, peppermint tea, or even matcha for immunity.


Tea is an excellent source of antioxidants. Antioxidants are bound to protect your body cells from any attacks caused by chemical exposure. All teas have different amounts of antioxidants. But green tea is widely known for its antioxidant benefits. 

Weight Loss

Weight loss is not always about how much you sweat at the gym. It is also about what goes into your body and how it helps your weight management. Certain teas have proven to be great metabolism boosters that help speed up your calorie-burning ability. 

Menstrual Pain Relief

Oh yes, girls, tea has got your back when you go through those painful period days. Certain tea types, such as Chamomile tea, can do a great job of relieving you from menstrual pain and also soothe your muscles. It works excellently with your sleep by reducing stress levels and providing a sense of relaxation.

These are not just the only benefits that tea provides, and there are a lot more of them. For now, let us take a look at the varieties of tea and why you should drink it. 

Tea Varieties

In India, they mostly drink black tea. But there are plenty of other types of teas out there. Let us take a quick look at them. 

Black Tea

Black tea is the most widely drunk tea in India. People drink it mostly with boiling water, milk, and sugar. They take a step ahead on cold days and put some ginger or ‘chai masala.’ Black tea leaves are plucked out from the top few inches of the tea plant, put through a process of instant drying, and oxidised. Their scientific name is Camellia sinensis. These are great to keep yourself warm in the winters. 

Green Tea

People who are into fitness choose to drink Green Tea to a large extent because of its weight loss qualities. Green tea is packed with antioxidants and helps boost metabolism to speed up your calorie-burning process. These are made from the same plant as black tea, but they are not wilted or oxidised. 

White Tea

White tea is one of the least processed teas. It is made out of the freshest leaves and buds of the tea plants. These are excellent at burning fat, so if you plan to lose weight, you can look out for these. White is wilted but unoxidised. 

Turmeric Tea

Indians are obsessed with turmeric in every category, be it food or beverage, and turmeric’s health benefits describe why. Turmeric tea is made out of the roots of the Curcuma longa plant, basically, the turmeric plant. Turmeric tea is great if you want to boost your immune system. Now you understand why people were so obsessed with turmeric in the pandemic days?

Matcha Tea

Matcha tea is literally all over the internet right now. The fitness bees can just not stop talking about it. We’ll tell you what, it’s worth it. Matcha has multiple health benefits, which include antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. These are made out of finely ground fresh tea leaves. 

Peppermint Tea

If you are going through constipation or an upset stomach, you have to try peppermint tea. Peppermint tea contains menthol, so it can significantly help with digestion, migraines, and also regular headaches.

These are some of the most famous teas, and you have plenty more options to choose from


Teas do a tremendous amount of work in different areas of our bodies. It is suitable for our period days, weight loss journey, digestion, and whatnot. You can find a variety of tea types in the market with different benefits that go from stress relief to hydration. So you must add a cup of tea to your daily routine, be it on the cold days or the hot summers. 

Indians love tea, be it in the morning or the afternoon. Many take tea breaks just to relieve stress with a cup of hot or cold tea. So we have provided you with a list of the best tea in India which consists of tea brands and types after doing all the research and trial as well. So next time you step out to the market to buy tea, keep this list with you!

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