Best Smartwatch Under 5000 – Review by Hardik Tankariya

Smartwatches serve more than one operation apart from telling us time. In this article let us look into the top 10 Best Smartwatch Under 5000 along with a buyers guide to guide you through your decision making process. 

Before we examine the Top 10 best smartwatches under 5000, let us first look into the things to keep in mind and look for while buying a smartwatch. You can also look into best smartwatch under 3000 and best smartwatch under 2000 if you are under budget which has the topic covered with some of the best picks.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Smartwatch Under 5000

Build Quality

A good low-cost smartwatch should be well-made and endure a long time. As a result, for a more durable smartwatch, go for a robust metal or hard plastic frame and dial.


When choosing a smartwatch, one of the most important elements to consider is whether it is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Most smartwatches require pairing with a smartphone in order to get alerts.

Battery Life

One of the most crucial characteristics to consider when purchasing a smartwatch is the battery life. The higher the functionality of your watch, the longer its battery life may last on a single charge. 


The majority of smartwatches are built to be water-resistant. However, only a few models can sustain a swim in the pool. As a consequence, you should consider if you really need a water-resistant wristwatch that can endure lengthy submersion or contact with water.

Tracking and Communication

While every smartwatch includes basic functions, such as a heart-rate sensor or a step tracker, some may also contain a SpO2 sensor or sleep tracking. Smartwatches can monitor a range of parameters, such as how often you walk or run and how well you sleep.

These can show a variety of notifications like incoming calls, missed calls, text messages, e-mails, social media updates, appointment reminders, alarms, and much more.

Below are the top ten best smartwatch under 5000 budget range with their review :-

The Real Me Watch S attempts to provide a far more sophisticated experience than earlier generations. This SmartWatch has a more typical circular form factor and a feature set that is essentially identical to its predecessor. It also has a noticeably better-feeling metal frame on the case, auto brightness adjustment, and a substantially bigger 390 mAh battery as an added bonus.

This watch, like any other smartwatch, has fitness tracking in 16 modes, 24-hour heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen saturation testing, and sleep and stress tracking. This watch comes with removable silicone straps that are 22mm wide and adjust from 164 to 208mm in length. 

The Amazfit smartwatches are specially designed for user activity and fitness tracking.  The Bip U Pro has a plethora of capabilities. The Amazfit Bip U Pro fitness tracker now has Alexa voice control, GPS, and a compass. This smartwatch has inbuilt blood oxygen and heart rate sensors that can track up to 60 different sports, such as jogging, rowing, or rope skipping. Furthermore, by automatically tracking your heart rate, steps, stress, and sleep, it will keep you up to date on your baseline indicators.

In addition the Amazfit Bip U Pro has useful smartwatch features such as alert alerts and audio controls. It also offers 60 specific sports modes, sleep and stress monitoring, and a personalized health rating system based on a variety of biometric measurements. The 1.43-inch display is surrounded by wide bezels and a Digital Crown-style button on the right side of the plastic body. 

The Crossbeats Ignite S3 smartwatch has a square-shaped casing and has Bluetooth calling as well as other health-related functions such as a stress monitor and a women’s health tracker. This ignite version has a couple of new added features like stress level monitor and women health monitor, which essentially allows users to track menstrual cycle by manually managing the calendar. This smartwatch also has a host of health-related features like SPO2 monitor, heart rate and blood pressure tracker.

The Crossbeats Ignite S3 smartwatch has a huge 1.7-inch HD+ display and a Bluetooth calling capability that allows users to make and receive calls directly from their wrist. It also has a heart rate tracker that works 24 hours a day, seven days a week to monitor heart rate variability.

The Noise X-Fit wristwatch has wearable SpO2 monitoring, sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, an IP68 waterproof certification, and other capabilities. This wristwatch has a 1.52-inch IPS TruView display with a screen-to-body ratio of 86 percent and a pixel density of 354ppi. The panel has a resolution of 360 x 400 pixels, a rectangular dial, and comes with a silicone band.

It includes a conventional buckle closing for securely clasping the gadget on your wrist, as well as a single button on one of the sides.The wristwatch has Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity with an enhanced wireless range and is compatible with devices running Android 7.0 and above as well as iOS 9.0 and above.

The Noise X-Fit 1 can also detect stress levels, according to the manufacturer. According to the business, there are a total of 15 sports modes and a battery life of up to 10 days. The gadget also has an IP68 designation, which means it is waterproof and can withstand spills and splashes.

The majority of Gionee smartwatches contain a fitness tracker as well as heart rate monitoring. Furthermore, these watches have sports modes for tracking activities such as outdoor running, cycling, and walking. GSW8 is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, as are other StylFit products. The Gionee StylFit GSW8 is the first in the series to allow Bluetooth-based voice calling.

The Gionee StylFit GSW8 includes a touch-enabled circular display. A speaker and microphone are also included with the wristwatch. It has functions for health and fitness such as a heart rate monitor, menstrual cycle tracker, sleep monitor, pedometer, and calorie counter. This also comes with a pre-installed Find My Phone function, which is supposed to assist customers locate their linked smartphone.

This Gionee wristwatch includes a 300mAh battery that is touted to provide seven days of usage or 18 days of standby time, as well as an IP68 water resistance certification, dust resistance, and scratch resistance.

The Amazfit Bip U smartwatch is one such watch that gives the users a comfort during a workout as well as tracking sleep at night. This smartwatch has detachable straps that are 20mm wide and adjustable in length from 76 to 118mm. It includes GPS tracking for outdoor use, an Amazon Alexa voice assistant, a SpO2 sensor, and a slew of fitness and training settings. 

The tactile button provides a nice feel and is used to unlock the wristwatch, wake the screen, return to a previous menu, scroll up and down when working out, and pause it. This Amazfit Bip U smartwatch is highly water resistant upto 50 meters and can collect data on your swimming performance.

The ColorFit Pro 3 watch has a plethora of features and characteristics, including continuous heart-rate monitoring. This wristwatch is swim-ready and water-resistant, and it also monitors blood oxygen levels. The outer build of the watch is made of polycarbonate and a metallic finish on top. The watch is really light to wear, however the metallic coating on the case is easily scratched.

This smartwatch comes with a 1.55-inch HD display and picture resolution of 320*360 and is bright enough to use in any lighting condition. The animations on the watch are rapid, it responds swiftly to touch, and it performed properly during my usage period. Colorfit Pro 3 is packed with features and has a sleek design.

Noise Colorfit Pro has a large display and an aluminum alloy body, which is similar to that used in airplanes. The watch casing is reminiscent of the Apple Watch, except it is built of an aluminum alloy body. The smooth matte surface on the sides and back panel gives a touch of elegance to the watch, and the sensors are housed in a metal panel, which contributes to the watch’s overall appearance.

The watch casing is a touch weighty due to the metal, but it’s not terribly unpleasant. The watch is accompanied with silicone bands with several holes. As a result, folks with narrower wrists will have no trouble with the straps.

The Fire Boltt Ring’s major selling point is its calling feature, which has an in-built microphone as well as a speaker. Users will be able to make and receive calls from their wrists using this technology. The wearable also has a fast dial pad and access to previous phone calls, as well as a speed dial.

The Fire Boltt Ring has a big 1.7-inch HD display for a smartwatch. It has a square dial with a crown button on the side. This smartwatch is made up of a metal body and features a 2.5D curved glass with a complete touch screen surface. This wristwatch has a SpO2 sensor to assess blood-oxygen levels, a heart rate monitor to measure vitals 24 hours a day, and fitness monitoring with numerous sports tracking. 

The Realme Watch 2 Pro is one of the cheapest gadgets of its kind to include GPS tracking. It boasts a 1.75-inch color touch screen, enables heart rate and SpO2 monitoring, and comes with over 100 watch faces to personalize the look of your gadget.

The Realme Watch 2 Pro boasts a Full HD display that has a refresh rate of 30fps and peaks up the brightness upto 600 nits.  This smartwatch weighs around 40g and has a 390mAh battery, and connects through Bluetooth 5.

The bundled magnetic charger has a spherical, weighty ‘dock’-like construction that stays securely in place. The other end has a USB Type-A plug that can be plugged into most USB adapters or ports.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can you determine the best selling smartwatch under 5000?

You must look into the following points before you purchase a smartwatch under 5000:

  • Battery backup
  • Watch and Display condition
  • Watch specifications under warranty
  • Scratch resistant

2. Is it possible to charge a smartwatch without charger?

Yes, you can charge a smartwatch without charger using the universal magnetic cable charger. You can get easily in the market and use it to charge your watch efficiently.

3. Which smartwatch should you prefer?

You can have a look from the list of smartwatch mentioned in this article and make a choice as these are some of the best picks that you must try.


To summarize, the top ten best smartwatch under 5000 listed above are unquestionably the best selections to consider when making a buying decision.

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