Best Laptop Under 50000 in India – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Searching for the best laptop under 50000 can be a tough task. Don’t worry, here are some of the top picks to help you make a better choice.

These days we are quite dependent on laptops, this small computer is portable, you can carry it wherever you go. Laptops come with a battery and charger, when the battery goes down you can recharge your laptop. However, if you are a tech savvy and need an advanced laptop, you can look for the Best Laptop Under 1Lakh that can help you have an enhanced laptop preferences.

Laptops are one device serving various purposes; no doubt they have gained utmost importance over time. Primarily, they are portable, thereby offering ease of work to the user. Well, if you are searching for the best laptops under 50000, then you are at the right platform! Let’s get onto that!

Best Laptop Under 50000- Top 10 Picks

1) HP 14s 5-5500U

When laptops are talked of, there’s no chance to not think of HP. This HP 14s 5-5500U laptop is a seamlessly operating device that works on a 5-5500U AMD Ryzen with 14 inches of FHD display. The device has an 8GB RAM and 512 GB SSD, meaning that you do not have to compromise in terms of space. 

Moreover, the laptop’s operating system is Windows 11, and it weighs 1.46 kg. Other exclusive features of the laptop include an IPS monitor, Alexa, and MS Office. This laptop is good to be used for Multimedia purposes and by students. 

You will be productive with this laptop for a prolonged period because the laptop has impressive battery life. The AMD Radeon Graphics add glory to the device. Although the screen display can sometimes distort, the computer’s overall performance is good.


•The laptop has an excellent battery run time and does not exhaust quickly.

•Keyboard keys are smooth to operate
•Huge screen display provides an adequate viewing space to the users.
•Pre-included MS Office is beneficial.
•The laptop has instant connectivity to Wi-Fi, and it boots up in nearly 6 seconds.
•The speed provided by the device to the users is commendable. It works appreciably fast.


•The laptop does not have a perfect anti-glare screen quality.
•The camera quality is just 720p, which is the major drawback of the device.
•Absence of an ethernet cable socket.

2) Lenovo IdeaPad 3 AMD Ryzen 5 5500U

Lenovo IdeaPad 3 is equipped with a robust AMD Ryzen 5 5500U processor. This laptop is a complete value for money. The 15.6 inches super broad display and an appealing arctic grey color make the device genuinely fascinating. Lenovo IdeaPad 3 is a slim, smooth, and easy-to-cay laptop. You get to benefit from continuing with your tasks even while you travel. 

Having a Windows 11 operating system adds a modern outlook to the device. Moreover, Lenovo IdeaPad 3 has 8 GB RAM and 512GB SSD; thereby, it becomes suitable to be used by students or small business enterprises. 

The laptop weighs 1.65 kg and has an anti-glare screen. As a user, you are provided with two years of warranty with this laptop to rely on the product quickly.


•With a three-cell 45Wh battery, the laptop gives you a highly durable 6 hours of run time.
•The laptop has a feature of protection against blue light emission. Therefore, it is safe for your eyes.
•The Dolby audio quality and 720p HD camera are excellent advantages for a student.
•Instant connection to any device can be made due to the availability of multiple ports.
•The Lenovo Aware feature reminds you of your bad posture and inattentiveness.
•The sleek and smooth design of the laptop makes it modest and attractive.


•The fingerprint scanner might sometimes become dysfunctional.
•The laptop does not have an IPS Monitor.
•Build quality is not satisfactory.
•A user might face heating issues at times.

3) Dell Inspiron 3511 NB(2021)

This laptop is a complete package of multiple and tremendously unique features in a highly affordable price range. Dell Inspiron 3511 NB has an 11th Gen intel core i3 processor. The laptop works on Windows 11 operating system and provides a year’s warranty to the users. Top of everything, the laptop is black and has an FHD Display. 

The device’s storage capacity is the best thing you can experience with the device. Dell Inspiron 3511 NB has 16GB RAM and 256 GB SSD, with an additional 1TB HDD. Not only this, you get to have a 32GB SanDisk pen drive with the laptop. 

Adding cherry to the cake, the 15.6 inches giant display of the laptop makes it worthy of being used by students and even businesses. Being equipped with enough features does not mean any compromise with the compactness of the laptop. It is sleek and easy to carry.


•Dell Inspiron 3 is a fascinating and beautifully designed laptop that provides a commendable performance to the user.
•The laptop has enough storage to keep all your files handy and safe without deleting them.
•It is a suitable laptop for office work. It is sleek and handy to take along with you.
•The efficiency of the laptop regarding speed is incredible.


•Dell Inspiron 3 does not support a backlit keyboard. Also, the keys of the keyboard are not as good as expected.
•The display quality of the laptop is not transparent and efficient.

4) Acer Aspire 5 A515-45

Next in the series of budget-friendly laptops, we have the Acer Aspire 5. This laptop is a durable and sturdy product. It is a sleek and light model, and it weighs 1.76 kg. Primarily to be used for office work, you can also use it for student-based tasks. The laptop provides a screen display of 15.6 inches with a full HD display. 

The AMD Ryzen 5 5500U Hexa-Core processor ends up making the laptop robust. Moreover, Acer Aspire 5 A515-45 has an 8GB RAM and 512GB SSD, which means that multiple files can be conveniently stored on the device. You can also extend the storage with an HDD up to 2TB.

Also, there is an option of Wi-Fi 6 connectivity and MS Office 2021 with the laptop. Adding to this, the device has a backlit keyboard and operates on Windows 11. The laptop works on AMD Radeon graphics, and it is also moisture resistant.


•This Acer laptop has a unique and precise touchpad that gives the device a beautiful outlook.
•A durable battery run-time of 13.5 hours is evidently a lot more than a user expects.
•The laptop is sturdy. It has an aluminum top cover, and it is also moisture resistant.
•The availability of multiple ports helps in superfast data transfer.
•The two built-in microphones offer a crisp and clear sound experience to the user.


•Within a short period, the laptop can have display issues.
•The camera quality of the laptop is poor.

5) HONOR MagicBook X 14

The HONOR MagicBook X 14 offers a promising performance to the users. This laptop has a powerful intel core i5-10210U processor that sets this device apart from others in this range. The laptop is extremely thin and lightweight. Therefore, you are not bound to compromise with work at all. 

Other than that, MagicBook X 14 has an anti-glare feature and a high-quality 14-inch HD display. It operates on Windows 10 and has a fingerprint power button that makes the laptop a modernized one. 

Moreover, this laptop has 8GB RAM and 512GB PCle SSD. It weighs 1.38 kg in all. Having an aluminum metal body, the device becomes a solid and sturdy product even in the longer run. Not only this, the backlit keyboard makes it possible for you to work in the dark.


•A massive 56-watt battery provides a run-time of as long as 11 to 13 hours. There is also an option of multi-device charging.
•The 65W fast charger can fill up the battery in a short period.
•Presence of a pop-up webcam keeps your privacy.
•The laptop is highly efficient and effective in its functioning. It provides good performance to the user.
•This laptop is a value for money product.


•This laptop has severe heating issues. It can get heated up quite quickly.
•Sometimes, the laptop can run out of battery in 4 to 5 hours.

6) Redmi Book Pro

The Redmi Book Pro is a super-fast and highly functional laptop under 50000. With a giant 15.6 inches display, everything appears glorified on the device. This laptop has an 11th Gen intel core i5 processor. A few laptops in this range have an i5 processor, which is an excellent laptop feature. 

The Redmi Book Pro is a 1.8 kg device that comes in a royal charcoal grey color. It has 8GB RAM and 512GB SSD. Apart from this, the laptop operates on Windows 10 Home and has a working MS Office. The laptop is thin and lightweight which makes it easy to take along with you no matter wherever you go. 

Primarily, the laptop is meant to be used for Multimedia purposes. The laptop also has an anti-glare screen feature. Also, the 10-hour battery life is satisfactory for the user, and a Wi-Fi 5 connection availability.


•The laptop supports fast charging. It takes quite a little time to get charged, after which it can be efficiently used.
•The speed and accuracy of the laptop are highly appreciable. The i5 processor adds beauty to the device.
•The design and keyboard are fine in their quality and operation.
•The overall performance of the laptop is truly unique.


•It is not good to be used as a gaming laptop.
•The display quality of the device is not extremely excellent.

7) MSI Modern 14

Continuing the list with MSI Modern 14, this carbon grey color laptop has an excellent 14 inches display. The laptop operates on an intel i5-1155G7 processor. Moreover, it is equipped with an IPS-Level 60 Hz Panel that provides a smooth and captivating viewing angle. 

If I talk of storage, MSI Modem 14 has 8GB RAM and 512GB NVMe SSD. It operates on Windows 10 Home and has super-enhanced Intel UHD Graphics. Also, the laptop is light and painless to carry. It weighs only 1.3 kg which is easy enough for anyone to accompany as their travel partner. 

Moreover, it has a backlit keyboard and built-in microphone, which are more of the features of this laptop. Overall, it is a good and promising device for personal use. Other than that, you can use it if you have small businesses!


•The IPS monitor display is one of the most extraordinary features of the laptop.
•The keyboard is super soft to work with. To help you, even more, it has backlights that glow effectively.
•The laptop has high-resolution audio that is smooth and crisp. The sound quality experience of the laptop is unmatchable.
•Easy Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth 5.1 network support will be yours with this laptop.
•The laptop is upgradeable to Windows 11.


•It is good to use the laptop as an office-based laptop. For gaming purposes, the device might lose its efficiency and poor performance.

8) ASUS VivoBook K15 OLED (2021)

The ASUS VivoBook K15 OLED is another great laptop in the list of laptops under 50000. This laptop operates on a highly functional 11th Gen Intel Core i3-115G4 processor. The laptop is thin, light, and sleek. It can be taken to different places with utmost ease. 

You do not have to worry about your work being done with this device. Also, the laptop has 8GB RAM and 512GB SSD, using which you can store all your necessary data quickly. The device operates on Windows 11 and weighs 1.8 kg. The Silver color adds a class to this model. 

The laptop has a 15.6 inches full HD display providing an excellent experience to the user. The graphics quality of the computer is awe-inspiring. The fast speed and fantastic structure of the laptop is the most user-friendly feature of the device.


•A giant display makes the movie-watching experience fun for the user.
•The design and build of the laptop are super-amazing.
•It has a thin-bezel Nano Edge technology that provides a smooth viewing angle to the user.
•With this laptop, the overall performance and efficiency boost up to 40%.


•Despite the laptop being great, the battery performance is expected to be poor sometimes.

9) HP 14s 11th Gen i3

Next up, we have the HP 14s laptop operating on 11th Gen and an i3 processor. It is different from HP 14, which runs on an AMD Ryzen. This laptop has a micro-edge 14 inches full HD display. Along with this, the laptop has 8GB RAM and 512GB SSD. Exceptional UHD graphics add glory and modesty to the device. 

Not only this, the laptop has a special backlit keyboard that makes the device glowing and vibrant. The laptop weighs 1.49 kg and supports MS Office as well. Enhanced sound quality is expected with the laptop due to the presence of dual speakers.

The natural silver color of the device is quite appealing to the user. This laptop is recommended to be used for small businesses. Conducting meetings and preserving files becomes painless with the laptop.


•This laptop is built and designed specially to work at super-fast speeds effectively and efficiently.
•The backlit keys of the keyboard offer greater flexibility to the users. You can work on the laptop even during the night.
•It is sleek and seamless to use the device and carry it to various places easily.


•At times, the laptop can get hanged, resulting in the slow functioning of the device.

10) Dell 15 2022(i3)

Lastly, we have the Dell 15 laptop that came up in the market recently in 2022. This laptop operates on an i3-1115G4 processor with a massive 15.6 inches full HD display. It is available to the users in platinum silver color. 

The laptop is most suitable for student use. It has 8GB RAM and 512GB SSD. Be it your assignments, group projects, or school meetings, everything can be smoothly and seamlessly done with the assistance of this device. 

Moreover, the laptop has a special backlit keyboard that becomes of great help primarily while you work at night. It is a good recommendation as a daily use laptop. Even if you have brought the laptop in use for essential file work in your office or home, then you can rely on this laptop.


•The backlit keyboard is of great use for letting you work flexible hours.
•This laptop has enough storage to save up all your essential or unimportant files and information.
•For office work or daily basis tasks, this laptop is an efficient one.
•The laptop has an anti-glare feature and provides an impressive display to the users.


•This laptop is only functional during essential file work. It is not recommended for gaming purposes.
•At times, the laptop might turn out to be slow in its functioning.

Best laptop under 50000

Advantages of having a laptop

  • Complete Product

Unlike computer you do not need to connect keyboard or mouse or anything with the laptop is a finish and complete product in which you get inbuilt keyboard, mouse, microphone, speakers, camera etc., which makes laptop quite different from computers. There is no need of any attachment of additional device to make a laptop run.

  • Mobility

The significant benefit of a laptop over a desktop computer is its portability. The laptop’s lightness, compact design, and built-in battery allow it to be easily moved from one location to another. Many models are frequently worn at the most inconvenient situations, such as in a park, café, or while driving.

  • Offline Operation 

In this instance, you are not reliant on the venue’s high tech equipment. There is no need to link to the main supply because the laptop can function offline from its battery.

  • Availability of Information

Moving with a laptop is usually your  rapid availability of information, whether personal or professional. It leads to improved collaboration among coworkers or pupils.

You can also look for some recommendations on slim and easy-to-handle ultrabooks that are best in their category.


After having mentioned enough, I feel that the HP 14s 55-5500U laptop operating on an AMD Ryzen processor is the best laptop under 50000 in India. It has multiple uses. 

You can either use the laptop for running your business smoothly, completing your assignments well in advance and also binge-watch your favorite movies. Vibrant graphics and versatile features such as Alexa and MS Office make the device worth using. 

The overall performance of the laptop is awe-inspiring. It is a solid and sturdy product. No compromise is made in terms of storage. Hence, it is a durable laptop to operate. This is all the information that we have on the best laptop under 50000 which you can look into and make a better choice before purchasing.

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