Best Kitchen Chimney In India 2023 – Buyer’s Review

In today’s time, having a chimney is no longer a luxury but a necessity. With the advancement in technology, chimneys have also been advanced and innovative with numerous features making them the best kitchen chimney in India. It not only keeps your kitchen oil-free and smoke-free but also enhances your cooking experience and gives you ease in cooking. 

The chimneys listed in this article are cost and budget-friendly, providing you with the best possible choice for your requirements in accordance with your needs. Chimneys allow you to make healthier food by eliminating all the dust and smoke in your kitchen and provide convenience, and possesses minimal maintenance. 

Best Kitchen Chimney in India 2023 – Top 10 Picks

You should always carefully compare all the features it has, from the suction capacity to the filters, its cost and the product it is made of, along with the pros and cons it exhibits. We have here a diverse range of kitchen chimneys from the most prominent of brands present in the market today. Let us look at the options of chimneys you have available. 

Faber is a prominent brand when one talks about buying a chimney, being an Italian brand is quite famous in the Indian market. The Faber Hood Orient Xpress HC SC BK 90 model is 47-cm long, 89.5-cm wide, and 53.5-cm tall. It is a curved glass wall mounted chimney that has a year-long product warranty and a 5-year motor warranty. It is best for a kitchen of more than 200sqft and a 90cm 2-4 stove burner. 

With a touch and gesture control, the chimney makes a noise of just 58 decibels with a 2 x 1.5 W LED lamp and an oil collector. The auto-clean feature it comes with assists you to clean the oil and other residues and is easy to operate with a wave of your hand. The outstanding design and the black finish adds glitter to your kitchen. It consumes 180kW hours per year of energy and requires a voltage of 220 volts to operate, weighing just 14 kg. 

With a robust and dynamic motor, it has a suction power of 1200m3/hr and emits a minimal amount of smoke with more fragrance when you cook. The less smoke facility maximises air in the kitchen and gets rid of dust to promote a healthier cooking experience. Being an auto-clean chimney, it is filterless and thus is hassle-free as far as cleaning is concerned. It is cost-effective and has no maintenance cost.


  • Filterless and energy-efficient technology.
  • It can be cleaned easily with no hassles. 
  • It maximizes airflow and has an extraordinary suction power.


  • It is a little expensive because it requires extra installation expenses and is large in size. 

The WDFL 606 HAC MS NERO model is 60 x 41.2 x 44.2 centimetres in dimension and weighs 10.1kg. Made up of stainless steel, it makes a maximum noise of 58 decibels and allows 122 cubic feet per minute airflow.  With an untroubled cooking experience, it is designed specially to satisfy all your needs. The sealed motor does not allow any vapour or oil to collect and hinder your cooking and is smoke-free. 

This chimney has a maximum suction capacity of 1200 m3 is, which allows your kitchen to stay fresh and is energy efficient. It comes with a motion control motion sensor technology it can be easily operated by a wave of your hand. It is most suitable for a 3-5 burner stove and a 200 sqft kitchen. 

The black matte finish and graceful design is a treat to the eye. It has a heating pad that can be operated by just a touch on its control panel, assisting the cleaning of the chimney. The control panel allows you to access all the function with a single touch making it comfortable to use, and is accompanied by 2 LED lamps. 

The filterless chimney comes with a 5-year motor warranty and a 1-year product warranty starting from the date of purchase. It requires a voltage input of 230 watts.


  • With a sleek design and appearance, it has an efficient motion sensor.
  • The toughened stainless steel and smokeless technology makes it one of the best products. 
  • It provides complete motion control and an auto-clean facility producing minimal noise.


  • It does not contain an installation kit and requires high installation and service charges. 

The Hood Classy HC TC 60 is a wall mount chimney that exhibits a noise level of 58 decibels. It weighs just 10 kg and is 48-cm long, 60-cm wide, and 60-cm tall. It allows an airflow displacement of 1200 cubic feet per minute and comes with a year-long product, a 5-year long motor warranty and is ideal for a 60-cm 2-4 burner stove. The powerful suction capacity gives a smoke and dust free cooking experience. 

It can be used in a kitchen for more than 200 sqft providing you with the facility of heavy frying and grilling. The chimney offers a baffle filter best for Indian kitchens with a filter surface area of 52 x 30 cm2. The filter requires minimal maintenance and a half-yearly cleaning and is perfect for a modernised kitchen. 

It comes with a heated auto clean technology operated with just a touch. It allows the collecting of oil particles in a separate collector that is easily washable. The wall-mounted chimney requires a voltage of 230 volts and comes with 2 LED lights for effortless cooking. The touch control panel and a digital display help it to function properly. 


  • It comes with auto-clean technology and baffle filters.
  • The touch panel is easy to use and operate with built-in LED lights to offer a proper cooking experience. 
  • The sleek design adds to the elegance of your kitchen and makes minimal operational noise. 


  • The duct pipe does not accompany the purchase and has to be purchased separately. 

The C100221 model has a black finish and is made up of steel. The chimney weighs just 17.55 kg and makes a noise of 32 decibels. The motor exhibits a suction capacity of 1200m3/hr that is best for heavy frying and grilling providing you with a proper cooking experience. The item is supplied with a year-long warranty on the product and a 5-year long motor warranty and LED lamps to increase efficiency. 

The control panel allows a 3-speed touch control that is user-friendly and a trouble-free operation. It comes with an auto-clean technology to clean oil and residue in the motor in a touch. You can efficiently operate it with a touch of your hand and a simple wave thanks to the motion-sensing technology. It comes with a filterless technology accompanied by a stainless steel oil collector providing smoke-free and hassle-free cooking. 

The chimney is ideal to use for a 3-5 burner stove and a kitchen more than 200 sqft in area. It is integrated with a ductless chimney feature that makes it compact and fairly cheaper and an exhaust fan to eliminate odour. The metallic coil collector to clean the chimney allows easy disposal of any residue. The chimney measures 50 x 88 x 56.3 centimetres. 


  • It comes with an advanced control panel and a 3-speed operation setting. 
  • The chimney is integrated with energy-efficient LED lamps and ductless installation. 
  • It is easy to maintain and operate with easy cleaning facilities. 


  • The PVC pipes need regular maintenance and replacement. 

The Zylo 60 BKMAC Inalsa chimney produces 65 decibels of noise and requires an annual energy consumption of 160 kW. The black coloured chimney comes with a lifetime warranty out of which 7 years warranty is on the motor and 2 years on the product. Inalsa offers numerous features that give you the best cooking experience. The chimney comes with a separate oil collector, flexible pipes and screws for mounting. 

It is compact and elegant with a 1250m3/hr suction capacity enabling the elimination of smoke and dust while cooking. It makes cooking odourless with a 3-speed motor making it a next-generation chimney.  It is a filterless chimney ensuring hassle-free and easy cleaning with negligible maintenance cost. 

The filters are an easy trap for grease and reduce any chances of any problems during usage. The sensors are user-friendly and have the ability to interact with you and interpret and recognise human movement. You can operate it without physical contact, and the auto-clean feature allows you to get rid of all residue quickly.

The Led lights present in the chimney are an energy-saving solution directly below the range hood. It is best suited for a 3-4 burner stove and a medium-sized kitchen. The chimney weighs 9.5 kg and measures 59.8-cm in length, 46-cm in width, and 51.2-cm tall. 


  • It comes with thermal heating technology and a filterless facility. 
  • You get a 3-speed setting motor along with LED lights allowing you to cook effortlessly in the dark. 
  • It is affordable and comes with a long warranty for customer support. 


  • The chimney is a little noisy as compared to its competitors when in use. 

 The 60-cm long, 47-cm, wide, and 43-cm tall chimney that weighs about 12 kg. It produces a sound of 58 decibels and comes with a 6-inch wide air outlet. It is filterless and comes with an external oil collector tray to collect grease and oil residues. The filterless feature makes it easier for you to clean the chimney and is easily operational. It is a wall-mounted curved glass chimney that is ideal for a kitchen of more than 200 sqft and a 2-4 burner stove.  

The design and the painted glass finish gives it an aesthetic look and enhances the beauty of your kitchen. It is equipped with a smart motion sensing and control technology that makes it operational by a wave of your hand. The control panel allows you to enable the 3-speed and auto-clean functions. The fan attached to the copper wired motor can heat up to 80-85 degrees celsius and is flame-resistant. 

The suction capacity of 1050m3/hr whisks away all fumes and dust particles present in the kitchen, making your food healthy. The motor is a 150W powerful motor ensuring low noise and odour-free facilities. The filter is easy to clean and comes with a 1.5W lamp to make your cooking easier at night. It requires a voltage of 230 volts to function.


  • It is a low maintenance chimney and hassle-free to use.
  • The motor contains copper wiring that enhances its efficiency and thermal load protection capacity. 
  • It makes low noise and has a heat auto-clean technology that allows quick cleaning. 


  • It is best suited for smaller kitchens, so it may not be a good option for a kitchen more than 200 sqft in area since it has low suction power.  

The CG 601 HAC HOOD curved glass chimney is 60-cm in length, 48.1-cm in width and 47.1-cm in height. The chimney weighs 12 kg and is ideal for a 2-4 burner stove and a 200 sqft kitchen. With a suction capacity of 1050m3/hr, it allows you heavy frying and grilling. The company provides you with a 10-year long warranty on its motor a year-long product warranty. 

It has a motion-sensing technology enabling you to use it with a wave of your hand. If you wave towards the right, the speed increases, and vice versa, and waving it towards the left decreases its speed, eventually turning it off. It is less noisy, exhibiting just 58 decibels and comes with a baffle filter to enhance utility. The filter keeps away all the dust, smoke, and grease and is trouble-free to clean. 

The heat auto-clean technology allows you to clean the chimney with a button and gets rid of all the sticky particles collecting it in the oil collector placed just below it. The trendy touch control panel is the key to accessing all the features of the chimney. The LED lamps are for increased efficiency and ease while cooking.


  • The whirlpool chimney is lightweight and easy to install and use.
  • It makes low operational noise and comes with a long motor warranty. 
  • It is easy to use thanks to the touch sensors and auto-clean facilities. 


  • The suction power is low and the installation charges are comparatively high. 

The M10 V-Guard chimney is 6.6 kg in weight and measures 59.5-cm long, 48-cm wide, and 59-cm tall. It comes with a duct cover and installation kit along with the purchase of the chimney.  It comes with 3-speed settings and a 5-year long motor warranty and a year-long product warranty.

The chimney is compact in size and has an elegant design with a shiny black finish providing the best look to your kitchen. The chimney is rust and corrosion-free with a 65 cm wide suction chamber. It possesses a suction capacity of 650m3/hr and has been validated by the Indian-Government Certified Labs. It allows you to deep fry, grill and cook all types of foods without any smoke.

The suction power can be controlled according to the cooking requirements making it convenient to use. The chimney comes equipped with a 5-layer mesh filter constructed from high-grade aluminium and can absorb oil efficiently.  The mesh not only protects the motor and the fan and ensures its long-lasting capabilities but also is lightweight, detachable and easily washable.

 It comes equipped with push buttons that make it easier to use and has 2 LED lights that improve efficiency and brightens the kitchen when dark. The copper wires on the motor increase the chimney’s lifespan and make it fire-resistant and safe to use. It produces low noise and a very low maintenance cost. 


  • It has a sleek design and is easy to use and install. 
  • The 3-speed settings make it efficient and convenient according to your requirements. 
  • The push-button control and filter protects the motor and the fan.


  • The aluminium duct pipe is of inferior quality and spreads dust in the kitchen. 

The 60 x 50 x 39-centimetres CH Venza 60 SS Auto Clean DX Chimney weighs just 8.7 kg. With a stainless steel exterior and baffle filter, it is silver in colour and is wall mounted. It is best for 2-4 burner stoves. The motor comes with steel housing and pure copper wiring that has a suction capacity of 1100m3/hr and is best for a long-lasting motor. 

The chimney is highly durable and rust-free with a matte finish and dual LED lights that illuminate the area when dark. It requires a voltage of 240 volts and exhibits a noise of 58 decibels. It comes with push buttons on the front panel and is user-friendly for you to operate. It is highly durable and has a heavy-duty filter that helps to clean the chimney without hassles rs. 

The chimney is heat-operated and does not require high maintenance. The auto-clean function makes cleaning easier and more effective. The unique and attractive design is a treat to the eyes and enhances the look of your kitchen. You will have to clean the baffle filters every two weeks for better functioning. The chimney comes with a year-long product warranty and a 5-year long motor warranty. 


  • It is suitable for medium-sized Indian kitchens and for 2-3 burner stoves. 
  • The stainless steel exterior makes it highly durable and rust-free. 
  • It has low operational noise and baffle filters that make it convenient to use. 


  • It may be a little hard to install, and you made need a long exhaust pipe, increasing your expenses. 

The Ariel Black Chimney is very lightweight and weighs just 7 kg with the dimensions of 66-cm in length, 23-cm in width, and 54-cm in height. It exhibits a noise level of 59 decibels and comes with 2 LED lamps for better lighting and efficiency. It comes equipped with baffle filters that are more advantageous than Cassette Filters and keep smoke and dust away from the kitchen. 

It has a plastic blower and is ideal for a 60 cm or 2-3 burner stove. The wall-mounted chimney comes with a 5-years motor warranty that can be available only after registration with the company.  The chimney is shockproof and enhances the aesthetics of your kitchen and can be easily fitted on the wall, and is compact in size. 

It comes with a push control panel that is easy to operate and helps you enjoy all its functions at a push of your finger. The chimney is not only less noisy but also smoke and grease-free. With innovative technological features and hassle-free maintenance, the chimney is energy efficient.


  • The chimney is exceptionally lightweight and compact in size. 
  • It exhibits minimal noise while in use.
  • It provides you with proper lighting and dust-free facilities. 


  • It has a low suction power as compared to its competitors in the market. 
  • The interior is inferior in quality and can get damaged quickly.


The article provides you with the ten best options for chimneys today from the most prominent of brands in the market. The chimneys can be bought both online and offline, either from the links attached in the article or from physical stores. A kitchen chimney is essential for a kitchen both to increase its beauty and ease of cooking. 

The article will assist your purchase and analysis for the best kitchen chimney in India since it contains a detailed description of the products with its features, pros, and cons, while selecting a chimney, its size, price, and other characteristics should be kept in mind so that it suits all your needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions :-

Q1. What are the best brands in India to buy a chimney?

  1. Hindware, Glen,  Fabre, Sunflame, Inalca, Elica, Eurodomo, Whirlpool are some of the best options for an Indian kitchen. They are all prominent and trusted brands that provide the best results and customer satisfaction.

Q2. What are the thing to consider before buying a chimney?

  1. When you purchase a chimney the things, you should focus on the structure and construction of the chimney, material used in the production and size of the chimney, along with its price and suction power. The filters and maintenance and the rest of the features it offers. 

Q3. What size of the chimney is best for your kitchen?

  1. A kitchen chimney that is 3-6 inches greater than your burner or cooktop is recommended for an indoor kitchen. Whereas, if your kitchen is located outside a chimney that is double the size of your cooking panel should be ideal so that it keeps all the smoke and dust away from your food. 

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