Best Inverter With Battery For Home 2023 – Technical Review

Power supply has started to be one of the biggest problems in India, with long-lasting and frequent power failures, inverters have become more of a necessity nowadays. There are numerous alternatives to solve this problem, but inverters are a go-to for electricity problems. The best inverter with battery for home are readily available and are cost-effective.

You get numerous features from a digital display to a reminder facility, ABCC technology, DSP technology and whatnot. With AC DC power batteries, both electronic and solar inverters are readily available in the market. It might seem confusing to select the best possible inverter for your home, but that’s where this article comes into the picture. 

This article furnishes you with the top models of inverters available in the market from the most prominent and trusted brands. These are not just reliable and durable but also provide the most advanced technological functions that you might not have imagined. 

Best Inverter With Battery for Home – Top 9 Picks!

Let us have a look at the nine best options we have shortlisted for you. 

The blue coloured Luminous Zelio 1100i is 27.5-cm in length, 24.8-cm in width and 12-cm in height. It weighs 10 kg and comes with a user manual when purchased. This innovative and intelligent home UPS inverter has Bluetooth facilities with more connectivity and control. You can connect the UPS to your phone via the Zelio Mobile App that shows the power backup and charge time, power cut trends and other important information on your phone. 

The technologically advanced inverter can handle a load of any of these items – a television, three ceiling fans, four CFLs, two tube light and a refrigerator during power cuts. In case of emergency, you can run higher capacity appliances in the backup mode for ten minutes thanks to its higher power mode. Made up of metal, this inverter has a lead-acid battery cell composition and an 8-hour backup time. 

You must discharge the battery of the inverter if you go on a vacation to prevent the battery life of the inverter. It has a pure sine wave output and a rated power of 756W and supports a single battery. The iControl feature helps you to manage your inverter from your phone and provides all required statistics for your knowledge and understanding. 

It comes with an LED display that shows hours and minutes for power backup and charging. It possesses a 32 bit DSP processor and input mains protection through MCB. Even in case of fault, it is furnished with a bypass switch that keeps supplying output. The company provides a 2-year warranty on the product. 


  • It is reliable and durable for the user and is worth the money spent.
  • It has an ergonomic design and makes no noise while in use.
  • It can be controlled from your phone, making it convenient to use.


  • The build quality is poor, and the inverter is expensive. 

With best in class performance, the V-Gaurad Prime 1150 Digital Inverter is 25-cm long, 12-cm wide and 27.5-cm tall. The heavy-duty inverter is furnished with numerous functions beneficial for the user, and itself weighs just 10.7 kg. The high-performance selection switch allows you to change the power output so that you can run appliances for a longer time on backup. 

It can run a television of 49W, a mixer grinder of 600W, a water pump of 0.5 HP, a refrigerator of 260L, a cooler of 200W, and a 1000m3/hr chimney in case of a power cut. It can also handle a load of an air or water purifier, exhaust fans, music systems and routers and thus never lets power cuts hinder the smooth functioning of your daily life. 

The inverter comes with a feature to let you know of the battery top-up needed by pouring in distilled water in the battery, this avoids hassles and maintains the lifespan of the inverter. Inverters generally make a sound during power cuts, or when overloaded, the V-Guard inverter provides you with an option to mute that annoying noise and beeping. 

The visual and audio indicators inform you about the water topping required, battery charging and backup status, overload and so on to prevent any uninvited happenings. It provides protection against overload, high and low mains, short circuits, battery discharge and overcharge. It has a tabular, flat plate, SMF battery with a capacity of 80-230 AH and exhibits a frequency of 50 Hz.

It allows you to switch between the UPS and the normal mode according to your needs. With a recommended input of 230V, it takes about 10 to 12-hours to completely recharge itself. And operates with a temperature of 0 to 40 degrees celsius. It is furnished with a battery gravity builder to ensure a long-lasting battery and has a white coloured body.


  • It has a sleek and stylish design that adds to the beauty of your house. 
  • It has a pure sine wave output to ensure battery longevity and sophistication.
  • It is furnished with a battery gravity builder and a reminder for numerous things.


  • It is an inferior quality product and cannot be returned to the company. 

The UPSEB 900 VA is 37.99-cm in length, 34.5-cm in width and 18-cm in height. It is a compact inverter that weighs just 8.8 kg and has an elegant and ergonomic design that ensures its durability and longevity. The energy-efficient inverter comes with a display panel that displays the voltage range. It is an efficient machine with a pure sinewave waveform and IPS technology. 

It has a rated capacity of 800 VA and an output power of 672 W and has a selection switch. The standard range for voltage input is 100 to 300 volts on a standard current of 10 Amps. The inverter is budget and pocket-friendly with a 6 hour long backup time. It can handle the load of a CFL and LED light, fan, television, computer, and printer. 


  • The Microtek inverter is ergonomically designed and worth the money. 
  • It can be used both for personal and professional use that is to provide backup at homes and offices. 
  • The inverter is compact and energy-efficient, making it easily operational.


  • It has a backup time of 6 hours which is low as compared to its competitors in the market.  

The Exide Majic 825 is 38.86-cm in length, 35.81-cm in width and 18.8-cm in height. The item weighs 8.93 kg and has a lead-acid battery cell composition. It is a smart and innovative inverter for your homes and is reliable. It is fairly cheaper than the other alternatives available in the market. It requires a voltage of 100 to 290 volts to function and exhibits a frequency of 50 Hz.

It can handle a load of four fans and CFLs each and a television in times of power cut with a battery backup of 8 hours. It uses the DUal Stage Intelligent ASIC charging that adjusts the current according to the battery conditions. It is suitable for low voltage operation and helps to reduce your electricity expenses. 


  • It has a durable and classy look and is highly reliable.
  • It is best suited for low voltage operations and is worth the price.
  • The inverter is furnished with dual intelligence ASIC charging technology. 


  • The Exide inverter makes a lot of noise when in use.

The Rapid 1650 XL weighs just 17.7 kg and is 40.2-cm long, 32-cm wide, and 14.7-cm in height. It has a maximum power consumption of 916 to 966 watts and a recommended battery capacity of about 150 Ah. The Luminous 1500VA Eco Watt XL 1650 Rapid 12V UPS inverter provides protection against overload, battery discharge, short-circuits, reverse polarity and so on. 

It comes with an in-built processor with gravity builder technology that protects the battery and ensures its longevity. It can handle the load of a CFL, tube light, ceiling fan, refrigerator and television. The battery is a single support battery that can be anything a flat plate, tabular battery, VRLA, or an SMF and comes with a 2-year warranty by the manufacturer but is limited just to the manufacturing defects. 

It is compact and occupies less space. The battery can charge itself up 60% faster than its competitor’s, thanks to the Rapid Battery Charge Technology. It has intelligent output load management and gives twin sockets for light and power load separately. It can recharge its battery even at low voltage situations as low as a voltage of 95 volts. The inverter is ideal for light load areas that experience high fluctuation. 


  • It is an energy-efficient and durable inverter with a 2-year long warranty.
  • It has the ability to recharge its battery 60% due to RBC technology.
  • It comes with a twin socket and allows switching plugs for high and low voltage periods making it beneficial for the user. 


  • It is a little on the expensive side if compared to other inverters mentioned in the article. 

The product weighs 6.5 kg and is 40-cm long, 40-cm wide and 63-cm tall, made up of metal. It comes with an in-built charge controller, an autonomous charging algorithm, a DSP based PWM technology and an Input range of 130-280 volts. It is of superior quality and lasts long, and is ideal for areas where power cuts are very long and frequent.

It requires an input UPS voltage of 180-260 volts and an input INV voltage of 90 to 280 volts. The output current measure 40 A with a partial state of charge technology that provides fast charging. With high acid volume per ampere-hour, it is low maintenance and has electrolyte level indicators. 

It is a solar inverter that can provide lighting to street lights as well as reduces the electricity bill. It is a renewable energy generator and has diverse applications. It can assist you to heat and pumping water and has an off-grid solar panel system. It provides clean energy and negligible electricity loss and offers continuous energy during power cuts. It comes equipped with a 1050 VA pure sine wave ZRI PWM. 


  • It comes with an auto-reset system and is a solar inverter. 
  • When the battery is full, the power is automatically cut off. 
  • It is compact and easy to use and has low maintenance costs.


  • After a period of continuous charging or operation, the inverter body heats up. 

The Genus inverter is 26.92-cm long, 23.11-cm wide and 13.21-cm tall. It weighs just 9,13 kg and requires lead-acid battery cell composition. These inverters can be connected to solar panels and electricity grids or generators. It is equipped with an intelligent DSP control circuit save for a sensitive appliance. The invert is efficient and can bear all types of harsh weather conditions voltage fluctuations, and manage to supply power. 

They emit no noise and pollution unlike a traditional generator, the inverter contains numerous advantageous features. It comes with an affluent DSP based technology to match the power output to that of the grid and uses Pure Sine Wave Technology making it safe and protective towards appliances. 

It comes with Auto Sense Intelligent Control enhancing the lifespan and workability of the inverter, and an IS Certification making it a trusted product. It has a four battery charging mode and is compatible with all types of batteries. 


  • It is durable and has a sleek design with a four battery charging facility.
  • It comes with ASIC and Pure Sine Wave technology. 
  • It has an IS Certification and DSP based technology.


  • The battery backup is of inferior quality. 

The product is 26.2-cm in length, 27.5-cm in width, 12-cm in height and weighs 7,4kg. This lightweight inverter has a VA rating of 700 VA/12 V and can take a peak load of 560W. The Pure Sine Wave output guarantees safety and exhibits an output voltage of 200 to 220 volts making it suitable for all appliances. The fast-charging capacity allows you to reduce the battery charging time if a full current is supplied at a low voltage. 

Being ideal for an area with long and frequent power cuts, it comes equipped with ABCC (Adaptive Battery Charging Capacity) for better battery life and smooth functioning.  Thye UPS mode is for a stable output in the range of 180 to 250 volts, ideal for computers and sensitive kitchen appliances. Whereas the ECO mode is for wide and high voltage reducing the energy consumption in that period. 

It has a capacity of 80 Ah to 220 Ah and supports all types of batteries, be it a flat plate, tabular or SMF battery. It protects against short-circuits, overloads and over-temperature harm. The company provides a 2-year long warranty on manufacturing defects on the part of the company. It is noiseless and hassle-free to use. It can bear a load of a refrigerator, a 40-inch LED TV, a ceiling fan and a tube light with a 5-hour backup capacity.


  • It is noiseless and hassle-free when operating. 
  • It comes with advanced ABCC technology supporting all battery types.
  • It is furnished with the ECO and UPS power modes.  


  • The battery backup is less as compared to other inverters. 

The APC home inverter is 45-cm long, 36.8-cm wide and 27.2-cm tall, the product weighs 11.08 kg and is lightweight and easy to handle. It is one of the most reliable inverters in the market that beat power cuts effortlessly. These inverters can withstand all harsh weather conditions as experienced in India and still deliver the best results. It provides Pure SIne Wave backup power that is appliance-friendly and safe.

The inverter possesses an 8-hour backup and is child-safe, shockproof and protects against short circuits. It comes with a two year-long warranty and the best-in-class battery for smooth and efficient operation. Be it the summers, winters, or the rainy season power cuts are common to all and the APC 850 VA Home Inverter provides quality services irrespective of these obstacles. 

The inverter supports home theatres, stereo sets, lights, ceiling fans and other such appliances. It is compatible and can work with all types of batteries, be it tabular or flat plate. It requires two 12 volts batteries of 80 to 180 Ah and exhibits a power output of 700 Watts. 


  • The inverter has a child-lock system and thus is child-friendly and shockproof, protecting against short circuits. 
  • It has higher longevity as compared to its competitive products available in the market. 
  • The pure sine wave backup is appliance-friendly and safe for use with sensitive appliances. 


  • The biggest drawback of the APC 850 VA Home Inverter is that it lacks a digital display, so it is difficult to have information about the battery status. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Buying an electrical appliance is always confusing and requires proper and thorough research. While this research, there may arise a few general questions that are addressed below. 

Q1. What to consider while buying the best inverter?

The first and foremost is the price. An inverter can cost as low as 3,500 rupees and as high as 10 to 12,000 rupees. Then come the specifications and features it possesses and the review of the customers. Customer reviews give the actual performance of the product. The power consumption capacity, warranty and battery size of the inverter should also be taken into account. 

Q2. How many watt inverters should be purchased for home?

The VA rating of both the inverter and your house should be carefully taken into account, that is, the voltage and current and an appropriate battery. Usually, a 756 watt to 1000 watt battery is considered ideal for the home. 

Q3. Can an inverter of a specific brand be used with a battery of another brand?

This is one of the common doubts that we encounter, the answer to this question is a yes, an inverter from a different brand can be used with a battery from another brand. The only thing to take into account is its quality and compatibility with each other as well as the appliance. People might consider buying a high-quality inverter, and clubbing it with a low-quality battery could be dangerous for the battery as well as your home. 

Q4. Why is distilled water poured on the inverter battery?

Since distilled water is free from additional mineral substances, it is recommended to be used. The inverter batteries are made up of an electrolyte solution of water and acid, so water with less or no minerals would let the battery function properly, whereas tap water that has more minerals than distilled water can reduce the battery life and hamper its efficiency. 

Q5. What type of batteries are available for inverters? 

Inverters are humans’ best friends in times of power cuts and come with three different types of batteries.  A flat battery is a lead-acid battery for frequent power cuts. A maintenance-free battery that is sealed and requires minimal maintenance. Lastly, a tabular battery that is also a lead-acid battery suited for long power cuts and is further divided into short and long tabular batteries. 

How to clean inverter Battery/Inverter Vs dual inverter AC


This article presents a list of shortlisted inverters that are best suited for Indian households today. We have discussed in detail the specifications and features of the inverters, as mentioned earlier, that are available in the market, along with their pros and cons. It is essential for you to consider all factors of an appliance when buying, so a thorough analysis and comparison of the product are a must. These inverters can be purchased both online and offline at your convenience. 

This article does that for you among the options we have listed, you can easily compare them and choose what best suits your requirements. It is not necessary that an inverter has to be costly and expensive it can be pocket-friendly and cost just 3,500 rupees. We have the best inverter with battery for home manufactured by the prominent brands in the market. 

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