Best Flute for Beginners in India 2023 – List by Hardik

Instruments have always been a source or a glimpse into Indian culture since we know instruments. There are various references and lessons mentioned in our mythologies and history. Nowadays, there has been an increase in demand to learn flute amongst youngsters and children because of its unique method of playing. In this article, there are some best flute for beginners in India, listed and reviewed to make your choices and decisions easier!

A flute is a family of musical instruments which comes under the instrument category using wood and wind. It can be carved out of any wood we like but specifically bamboo and can be used to create beautiful melodies and tunes just with our mouth blowing air into the pipe instruments and controlling the wind with our fingers to create the exact tune we want. Flutes are the earliest known identifiable musical instruments as ancient examples with hand-bored holes have been found.

Unlike other woodwind instruments with reeds, a flute is an aerophone or reedless wind instrument that produces its sound from the flow of air across an opening or multiple openings. According to the instrument classification that has been passed down for generations,  flutes are categorized as edge-blown aerophones. A musician who plays the flute is called a flautist or a flutist.

The bamboo flute is an important instrument in Indian classical music and it was  developed independently as compared to the Western flute. The Hindu God Lord Krishna is traditionally considered a master of the bamboo flute. The Indian flutes are very simple compared to the Western counterparts; they are made of bamboo and are keyless. 

There are two main varieties of Indian flutes that are currently used all over India. These flutes are used as a musical instrument in bands, movies, music etc. The first one is the flute or the “Bansuri”, as it is called in Hindi, has six finger holes and one embouchure hole, and is used predominantly in the Hindustani music of Northern India. The second, the Venu or Pullanguzhal, has eight finger holes, and is played predominantly in the Carnatic music of Southern India. Presently, the eight-holed flute with cross-fingering technique is common among many Carnatic flutists. 

Prior to this, the South Indian flute had only seven finger holes, with the fingering standard developed by Sharaba Shastri, of the Palladam school, at the beginning of the 20th century. The quality of the flute’s sound depends somewhat on the specific bamboo used to make it, and it is generally agreed that the best bamboo grows in the Nagercoil area of South India.

Learning how to play a flute is a process that requires stamina, breathing capacity, determination and patience. It has been increasing in the upcoming years because of its uniqueness and easy to understand techniques and methods of playing. There has also been an increase in purchases of flutes in general, especially the ones which are durable and last longer. People have started learning and getting to know more about the air-pipe instrument and its necessities. So it is really important to know the right kind of flute to buy as it is going to be a one time investment.  

Best Flute for Beginners in India 2023 – Top List

Below are some of the best flute for beginners in India listed and reviewed-

The  Punam Flutes C Natural Medium Right Hand Bansuri is a C Natural note playing flute which is played when the upper three holes are covered as done in Indian scale white 1 (Safed 1). This flute is small and light in weight which makes it easier to hold and play it, without any hassles. 

This Punam flute will play the G note when all the six holes are covered according to the western style. It is the C Natural Medium Right Hand (fingering) Bansuri. If your playing hole is on the right side, then this is the perfect flute for you. Because of this, it is the best choice and the most suitable for beginners and is also considered the best flute for beginners in India.

The length of this flute is about 19 inches because of which it is very easy to grip and is the most preferred among beginner flutists. The bamboo used for this flute is a very premium quality bamboo which also makes it the perfect choice. It is a very appropriate flute for a beginner and anyone despite their age can play this flute easily.

It has a sturdy nature and is a durable instrument despite it being a wood instrument. The quality and the durability of any flute depends on which bamboo and what quality of bamboo is used to make and carve the flute. The Punam Natural is made with only premium bamboo and that is why it is a one time and a sound investment.

The flute is the most soulful musical instrument one can ever listen to. It leaves our mind-blowing with its soothing melody. Such flutes are found at Punam Flutes. The amazing quality of their flutes is made by the professional artists who play them. Because of this, the most famous flute players are fond of Punam Natural flutes.

This flute, which is handcrafted and made out of pure dedication, also offers the choice to their  customers to pick two thread colors they like and then they can get their Bansuri customized according to their thread choice and make it personal and durable.

This bamboo bansuri is specially handcrafted to render the most melodious music and make the most tuneful melodies so that the player enjoys the process and wishes to play more. It is the perfect  bansuri to make their customers happy and satisfied. Their  professional artists test the bansuri.

We at Punam Flutes believe in delivering the perfect quality flutes to our customers, and that is why, before taking the flute out from the workshop we ensure its quality.d


  • This flute is excellent For Classical Music, Orchestral Playing, Studio Recording and many other musical effects.
  • Best flute for beginners in India.
  • Made of solid bamboo which makes it sturdy.


  • Must be protected and given a lot of attention such as minute cleaning etc.

The Kanha Flutes E Scale Natural Medium Assam Bamboo Flute Musical Instrument is a premium bamboo flute made of Assam bamboo with customization options. They have a wide variety of Indian Bamboo flutes which are available for all instrument players,  specifically for beginners.

They are crafted by skilled human hands so as to be able to deliver perfect and exceptional quality of tones. They are sturdy and durable and do not break easily because of their designs and materials. THat is why they are known as one the best flute for beginners in India.

They utilize some of the finest and the most natural medium bamboo to create these flutes that reveal the best of natural sound. It’s sure to win your heart and give you exciting flue sound. The quality of this flute is what separates their flute from the rest, creating a uniqueness in them. THey also ensure that the best quality of their product goes through quality checks for 100% authenticity and sophistication.

Handmade bamboo flute wind instrument fine tuned by exceptionally talented flutist. Made from high quality seasoned bamboo. These flutes are tuned by a professional flutist, which is the best thing you can have.


  • Solid and sturdy bamboo material.
  • Best flute for beginners in India.
  • Suitable for beginners.


  • It needs a lot of cleaning and care.

Punam flutes is probably the only company which makes professional Indian bamboo flutes known as the Bansuri. Many top ranking music professionals and artists often boast of their flutes.  It plays the A natural note when the upper three holes are covered. Indian scale white 6 (Safed). This flute will play the E Natural note when all the six holes are covered according to western style.

A bansuri is a side blown flute originating from the Indian subcontinent. It is an aerophone produced from bamboo, used in Hindustani classical music. It is referred to as nadi and tunava in the Rigveda and other Vedic texts of Hinduism. Its importance and operation is discussed in the Sanskrit text Natya Shastra.

Premium quality products are delivered at your doorstep from our side. This Bansuri completely comes after a full clarification from experts. Its amazing sound will enchant the audience or present people during your stage performance.


  • Sturdy and reliable.
  • Best bamboo material used.
  • Best flute for beginners in India.


  • Does not come with a hard case.

The Sarfuddin Flutes C Natural Medium Right Hand is a flute with a C Natural Medium bamboo Flute/Bansuri. It is made of premium and ethenic equality which gives off a sense of professionalism with sophistication. It is a professional quality medium sized bansuri which uses high quality bamboo and is sturdy and durable in nature.

When the upper three holes of this flute are covered by your finger, it gives the Indian C natural medium scale and the key note of G natural according to the western style playing. (when all the six holes are covered). It measures about 19 inches approximately, which is a compact structure and easy to carry around. It also comes with a hard case to protect it from the external environment and keep it clean and safe.

Since bamboo is a natural product, the color, dimensions and holes are slightly different for every flute bansuri. This flute has an intermediate frequency and rich mellow tone. This flute is the best for beginners/learners, also appropriate for light classical and folk music, accompaniment and studio recording. If you are thinking of learning the flute, then this flute is considered the best for beginners.

Their flute medium has been recommended to all the students and is considered as one of the Best flutes for beginners in India. Sarfuddin Flutes does not compromise on the quality of flute. They make quality  flutes and pay immense attention to the quality of bamboo as well as the tuning of the flute. The significance of a flute is when the flute is fully in tune. It is very easy to play and catch the flute. That is why almost all artists of India advise students to buy this flute.

It is very difficult for an artist to get a good flute. We make great attention to the quality of bamboo as well as the tuning of the flute. The significance of a flute is when the flute is fully in tune. The best note of this Bansuri will mesmerize you. This Bansuri is made with very good material, so you do not need to worry about its voice at all. A complete package of music which surely makes you more motivated towards our classical music and puts Indian form of music rooted in your body.

To keep the flute safe, they provide an excellent quality carry bag with flute. The bag also comes with premium quality material and doesn’t wear out easily and keeps the flute safe from the outer environment. It also helps in protecting the flute while traveling or carrying it around from places. 

They make the flute completely by hand, that is why if the customer wants, he can get his custom customized like – writing the name on the flute, changing the thread of the flute, etc. The C Natural Medium bamboo Flute/Bansuri is a professional quality medium sized Bansuri When the upper three holes are covered by finger, it’s the Indian C natural medium scale.

key note of G natural according to the western style playing. (when all the six holes are covered)


  • The material used to make the bag is of very good quality.
  • The flute is customizable and that is each one is unique and personalized.
  • This flute is very suitable for beginners and new students.
  • Best flute for beginners in India.


  • Should be used carefully and with extreme caution.

Radhe Flutes brings and gives you a range of flutes that sounds melodious while calming your mind from the stress & work load of everyday routine. Music is a therapy which is not only enjoyed, but also helps you to engage in the serene beauty of melodies, along with creating a calm and peaceful environment.

The flute is built with Polyvinyl Chloride which offers you slip-free grip and stays consistent even in harsh sunlight while making it durable.

With every blow, experience stabilized balance in tone, volume & pitch which enhances the sound quality while resulting in an utterly blissful musical delight. Playing harmonic music is unchallenging as the flute comes with adjustable finger holes for comfortable & free positioning so you can move your fingers easily.


  • Best flute for beginners in India.
  • Durable material flute with a hard case to protect the flute.
  • Premium and aged quality bamboo used for the flutes. 


  • Needs extreme care and attention.

The Punam Flutes G Natural Base Right Hand Bansuri is a G natural base flute which is the best seller among the beginners/learners. The hold on this flute/bansuri or the gripping of this bansuri will take five to ten days, but you must do it absolutely correctly or you will end up in pain. 

So, it is often suggested that you learn to grip the bansuri first. For a beginner who doesn’t know music and has set upon his musical journey, this bansuri is the perfect choice as it is easier to balance the blow. The sound is also very soothing as it is a base flute.

THis flute weighs around 86 grams, which is light in weight and easy to handle and learn. This Flute is specifically and highly recommended for beginners and also appropriate and useful for light classical And folk music, sometimes even in bands or production of music. Accompaniment and studio recording comes with this flute.


  • Sturdy and durable material.
  • Good quality premium bamboo.
  • Best flute for beginners in India.


  • Handle with care.

Buyer’s Guide

For any beginner , who is trying to learn an instrument, especially a flute, has to have certain pointers in their minds to select and use the right kind of flute for their practice and lessons. A lot of aspects matter when looking and buying for a flute.

Flutes are made of bamboo. So the best and premium quality bamboo should be used in a flute in order to make it sturdy and durable. If they are made of any other material, they might not be very useful to you. Secondly, always go for flutes with older bamboo. The older the bamboos get, the sturdier they become. And adding to that, they also get a unique sense of color which gives them a level of sophistication and makes them look sleek and vintage. 

  • Bamboo material-

The bamboo material used should be sturdy and premium quality so that the flutes become durable and sturdy and make them last longer. 

  • Sturdiness and Durability-

The sturdiness and the durability of a flute depends upon the bamboo and the hands used to make a flute. A lot of the flutes sold in the market are still handmade and can be customized easily. Handmade flutes help in making the flute durable and solid because the maker of the flute has known and felt the flute he’s making. Also the bamboo used in the flute is important because only the best and the premium kind will make it durable and last longer. Flutes can have a tendency to break if used very roughly. So this is where the bamboo material comes and helps with the flute strength. 

  • Air-hole sizes-

Even though a flute is an earphone instrument, the size of the holes made on its surface matter a lot. Their sizes should be so that they should be covered entirely by your fingers when you are learning to play it. If they are bigger or smaller, they won’t follow the techniques or methods used to learn how to play a flute. 

  • Flute size Convenience-

The Size of a C Natural Bansuri is ideal for beginners. Bansuri that are long in length makes them difficult to close the finger holes whereas generating sound in small bansuri tends to be harder than medium or large size. This flute is not very small but medium which is easy to hold the flute, blow into the flute and make sound from the flute. All kind of flutes are best for playing and creating melodious tunes, but a C natural is the most suitable for a beginner, who does not know anything about being a flutist.

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Please make sure you buy flutes which are well tuned or you will make a bad habit of playing and listening to wrong tuning. This will create many difficulties for you later. Please do some research of what makes a good flute, good. Read a little about the makers, about the flute, about reviews written about knowledgeable people. And please focus on the tuning for the flute and not the value or the looks.

As the sellers have very little or no knowledge about music and the construction of, they either edit images or copy other professional music sellers’ images and information and use it for these cheap flutes. That is how they try to get your trust. These sellers work on a very small margin but its not a problem for them when all they have to do is receive the flutes and directly pack it when they get an order.

Above mentioned and reviewed flutes are some of the best flute for beginners in India, both material and budget wise. 

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