Bluetooth Helmet in India- Best And Latest!

Bluetooth helmets have become very popular in recent years as they can help riders stay safe while traveling on the road. While riding bikes, communicating or picking up phone calls can be a cumbersome task that might lead to accidents. So you must look into buying the best Bluetooth helmet that can serve your purpose.

A Bluetooth helmet solves that problem; Bluetooth systems are already integrated into some helmets. You might have to purchase a Bluetooth or hands-free headset for your helmet, which can be mounted inside it. 

Finding helmets with multimedia controls such as Bluetooth, GPS, or even walkie-talkies is easy these days, but most of these helmets, if not all, come with a very hefty price tag. There are not a lot of best Bluetooth helmet in India that are made, so the options can be limited, but we would like to give you the option either way. 

Bluetooth Helmet in India- Top 10 Picks

Comfort, safety, and technology should be the three things you should keep in mind before buying a new Bluetooth helmet, as these things need to be up to the mark and highly reliable. 

1. Sena 10C EVO Title

The Sena 10C EVO is one of a kind Bluetooth camera and communication system built into a tiny and sleek package. 

Sena is one of the leading companies in motorcycle and sports headsets for helmets; the Sena 10C EVO combines a 4K camera that can capture and record your rides in crisp detail with functions such as time-lapse or capture pictures in still shot or burst modes. The battery backup allows for 1.5 hours of video recording and 20 hours of talk time. 

The high-definition speakers make for a fantastic listening experience and are designed for comfort and unparalleled sound performance; the HD speakers fit snugly into helmet pockets and offer a setting to change the volume, bass, and clarity. 

The Bluetooth system also offers a four-way intercom functionality up to 1.6kms or 1 mile and also allows you to listen to music, answer calls and hear turn-by-turn GPS directions. 

Since it offers so many features packed into one small unit, it is also the costliest option on our list with a price of ₹ 30,000. 


  • Outstanding sound quality
  • Superior performance with a long-lasting battery life
  • Excellent build quality with premium materials 


  • Very expensive 

2. Graac BT-S3 Bluetooth Headset

The Graac BT-S3 is a capable Bluetooth headset for helmets; it comes with a CSR Bluetooth chip capable of realizing a full-duplex intercom at a max speed of 110km/h. It is designed specifically for motorcycles and jet skis, and it is compatible with both full-face and half-face helmets. 

Due to the high-speed wind drafts, the headset also sports echo canceling and noise suppression technology for better audio and voice clarity at higher speeds, as it can get tough to hear things properly. 

It also has basic functionalities such as FM, listening to music, and GPS voice navigation. It is also water and snow-proof as the silica gel coating prevents it from being damaged by either of the elements. So even on rainy or snowy days, it will perform optimally. 

These headsets cost around ₹ 5,500, which is reasonable for all the offered features.


  • Excellent and durable build quality
  • Water and snow-proof
  • Noise suppression and echo cancelation technology 


  • Outdated Bluetooth version  

3. Parani M10 Bluetooth Headset

Parani is backed by Sena, the industry leader in Bluetooth headset technologies. The Parani M10 is designed for easy interaction; it offers Bluetooth 5.1, so the data transfer speeds are faster than Bluetooth 3.0.

The Bluetooth intercom allows you to connect with three other Parani users on the go with an effective range of 1km. The audio quality is superb, and the speakers can get very loud if you want them to, sometimes masking the sound of the motorcycle altogether. 

The Parani M10 also comes with an LCD screen to display and toggle settings; it shows quick visual updates such as the battery capacity, volume, etc. It is available with either a boom mic or a low-profile wired mic and costs ₹ 6,500. 


  • Good battery life
  • Value for money
  • In-built LCD screen 


  • The glossy part of the body can get scratched easily. 

4. EJEAS V6 Pro

The EJEAS V6 Pro is a Bluetooth intercom system capable of using a multi-user intercom system for up to six people and supports two-person full-duplex calls.

The intercom works with any Bluetooth-equipped smart device and has all the basic functionalities such as GPS navigation, listening to music, and answering calls with a maximum range of 1.2kms up to 120km/h of working speed. 

The headset also comes with a reasonably large 850mAH battery which takes only 3.5 hours to recharge, giving a standby time of 350 hours and 12 hours of talk time. 

It comes with advanced DSP noise cancelation to cut background and ambient noise for incoming and outgoing calls. 

It is also water-resistant with IP65 certification, which means it can function normally and without any problems in rainy conditions. It is priced at ₹ 9,000. 


  • Advanced DSP noise-canceling technology
  • Long battery life with great stand-by time
  • Excellent connectivity and intercom functions


  • The system does not remember the volume settings, so you will have to fiddle with it every time to set the right volume. 

5. Yideng Bluetooth Motorcycle Headset 

This Bluetooth headset comes with Bluetooth 3.0 with EDR and can realize full spectrum duplex calls at the highest speed of 100km/h. You can talk to 2-3 riders simultaneously using the intercom functionality.

Various customer reviews have said that this headset is one of the easiest to install and use. Due to the rubberized coating on the outside, it is entirely dust and water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about the weather before using this headset. 

The battery life is also really good. It has a standby time of seven days; it also has all the basic functionalities such as listening to music, GPS voice directions, ultra-wide FM band, and answering or rejecting calls. It also comes equipped with noise suppression features to hear things better at high speeds. 

The Yindeng Bluetooth headset is also affordable, costing between ₹ 5,000 – and ₹ 6,000. 


  • Affordable 
  • Good build quality
  • Noise-canceling technology 


  • The volume of the speakers can be louder

6. Graac V6 Bluetooth Helmet Headset

The Graac V6 has a six-rider pairing option with full-duplex intercom functionality for two people. The highest speed at which it can work is 120km/h and up to a distance of 1.2km. 

It also has an auto-call answering function that will automatically answer calls after ringing for five seconds via the Bluetooth function; this prevents the rider from fiddling with the controls and decreases the chances of accidents. 

The headset also includes echo cancelation and noise suppression technology to aid hearing at higher speeds. Taking it out during rainy or snow seasons shouldn’t be a problem as it is water and snow-resistant. It is powered by a 520mAH battery with 8 hours of talk time and 150 hours of standby time. It is priced at ₹ 5,300. 


  • Pairing options for up to six riders
  • Water and snow-resistant
  • It can be used for multiple things such as rock climbing, skiing, and cycling. 


  • Can improve battery life

7. Dwayne C Bluetooth Intercom 

The Bluetooth intercom can function without a hiccup up to 120km/h, and it comes with multi-pair functionality for six people, in which two people can talk to each other within a distance of 1.2km.

It comes with Bluetooth 3.0, with the basic functionality to answer calls automatically and reject them, listen to music, and GPS navigation. 

The miniature boom microphone significantly reduces wind and ambient noise for much clearer audio. The battery backup allows for 8 hours of talk time and 240 hours of standby time. 

The audio quality is not compromised even when riding in the rain or during bad weather conditions as the device is dust and water-resistant and comes in at a price of ₹ 5,300. 


  • User-friendly and compact design
  • Multi-pair support
  • Water and dust resistant


  • Outdated Bluetooth version 

8. Sena 20S EVO

Another great Bluetooth headset and intercom from Sena, the 20S EVO, is designed with a fixed, shark fin-type antenna. The sleeker antenna design plays two roles it improves the device’s aesthetics and allows for better Bluetooth intercom stability and range. 

The HD speakers deliver fantastic audio and music even at higher speeds due to Sena’s advanced noise control technology. The Bluetooth intercom system offers connections with up to seven riders at a distance of 2 km.

The 20S EVO is excellent at multi-tasking. It lets you have intercom conversations while listening to music; even the GPS directions and other audio features get overlaid effortlessly on top of the music for a smooth experience.  

The 20S EVO also comes with motion-sensing technology to connect your phone to the device by shaking it or using hands-free voice commands to keep your focus on the road. The Sena 20S EVO costs ₹ 22,000. 


  • Excellent range 
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Sleek and sturdy design


  • Very expensive 

9. JZAQ Wireless Bluetooth System

The JZAQ Wireless Bluetooth system comes with an easy-to-use Velcro system that can be attached to the helmet. It also has DSP noise-canceling technology and high-quality stereo sound. 

It comes with Bluetooth 5.0 with an effective range of only 20m, the lowest in this entire list. However, it comes with a 700mAH battery with 50 hours of talk time, over 500 hours of standby time, and a charging time of only 2 hours, which is phenomenal.

The system is also completely waterproof with IPX7 certification, making it an all-weather device. So going out with this device in the rain or even in the snow is no problem. It is also one of the most affordable devices on the list costing only ₹ 2,700. 


  • Very affordable and value for money
  • Excellent talk time and standby time
  • IPX7 certification for complete water and snow resistance 


  • Inferior range compared to others 

10. Skypearll Universal Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

This device comes with Bluetooth 4.0 and EDR with an effective 15-20 meters range. It also has a built-in 180mAH battery with 5 hours of talk time and 50 hours of standby time. It comes in at a very affordable price of ₹ 1,800, making it the cheapest device on this list. 

With the onboard DSP noise-canceling technology, you can hear and converse even at high speeds. It includes basic functionalities such as call answering, rejecting, playing music, and GPS directions. 


  • Extremely affordable
  • Good voice quality
  • Water and dust resistant 


  • No intercom functionality 

Buying Guide

Before buying any Bluetooth helmet or headset, you should keep a few things in mind, such as materials, construction, comfort, and connectivity, to name a few. Let’s go through each one of them so that you can make a better buying decision. 

  • Materials Used and Overall Construction.

This is the single most significant factor in determining the level of protection any helmet provides. A helmet’s outer shell comes in various forms of fiberglass, carbon fiber, and different material composites. 

The inner material of the helmet should be moisture-wicking and preferably antimicrobial.

If you’re going to buy a headset instead of an entire helmet, you should make sure that the materials used to build the device are sturdy and don’t break easily. 

  • Comfort

Whichever helmet or headset you buy, comfort should be one of your top priorities since the helmet or headset will be around your ears and head for an extended period. So, you must choose items that offer superior comfort and don’t have you readjusting them all the time. 

If you’re buying a helmet, make sure the inner lining is made of a soft mesh that feels comfortable against your skin. 

  • Ventilation

The ventilation aspect of a helmet has always been a finicky act. Ventilation is necessary to keep the driver cool inside the helmet, but too much wind can make a lot of noise within the helmet and interfere with hearing things. 

The noise plays a much more significant role when an intercom system is inside the helmet, as harsh wind gusts make it hard to hear things correctly. 

However, most modern Bluetooth headsets come with noise suppression technologies to help with that problem. 

  • Weight and Heft 

If you’re buying a helmet, make sure it does not weigh too much since the helmet’s entire weight is supported only by the rider’s neck. The material should be light yet sturdy enough to protect your head from impacts. 

  • Proper Sizing 

The helmet should be snug but not too tight over your head to do its job correctly. There are various sizes available for helmets; one differentiating factor that can be seen between the cheaper and costlier models is that the costlier ones offer much more sizes and options for the sizing. 

  • Connectivity 

Almost all helmets can be outfitted with a third-party Bluetooth intercom system. However, while purchasing such external headsets, make sure they can fit within the dimensions of your helmet correctly without causing you any discomfort while wearing them. 

Depending on what you’re looking for, various devices can connect up to a party of 8 people together via Bluetooth. 

The costlier models are also equipped with high-definition cameras to record and capture photos while riding. 

  • Additional Features 

If you’re buying a third-party Bluetooth system for your helmet, choose one with long battery life and is water-resistant. It could be a problem if your device dies out while you’re going somewhere. 

Since weather can be unpredictable, you should choose a device that is both water and dust-resistant. 

  • Audio Quality

Unsurprisingly, audio quality is paramount when buying a Bluetooth helmet or headset. When choosing a helmet or headset to buy, the critical factors are how well you can answer calls, listen to music, and GPS directions. 

  • Range

This is pretty self-explanatory; if you plan on riding in a group or pair and want to talk to each other while riding, choosing a device with a long range becomes very important. 

This will largely depend on whether your helmet uses a mesh or a Bluetooth system to communicate. If you’re in a crowded area with many high-rise buildings and obstacles, the range will be far less when compared to open, unobstructed space.

Benefits of having Bluetooth helmets

  • Safety

As we all know that wearing a helmet while riding a bike is for our own safety. A helmet can save your head from unexpected accident. Occurrence of accident might not be your fault, but helmet will save you.

  • Connection of Bluetooth

Bluetooth helmet allows you to listen to music or attend call while riding which prevents distraction when you get a call.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bluetooth Helmets

  1. Can I listen to music on my Bluetooth helmet?

Aside from the primary function of protecting your head, a Bluetooth helmet allows you to listen to music. You can listen to music, podcasts, or any YouTube video you have selected on your smartphone. 

  1. Is it possible to make calls with my Bluetooth helmet?

Yes, you can not only make calls but also answer and reject them. You can also use the intercom system to talk with other riders or passengers if they have Bluetooth helmets. 

  1. How can I use the GPS on my helmet?

If you start your route inside your GPS application and have the headsets connected, you will hear the directions directly in your ear. 

  1. Is it possible to answer texts or mail via my helmet?

It depends on the model you buy; some models come with hands-free voice commands that can be used to answer text messages or emails. This can dramatically reduce the inconvenience for the driver. 

  1. Are Bluetooth helmets considered safe?

No studies or research states that a Bluetooth helmet is safer or less safe than any regular helmet. However, Bluetooth helmets have a significant advantage over standard helmets because they can answer calls or reject them and listen to music safely.

Most Bluetooth helmets have a two-speaker system instead of an in-ear setup, which would not allow environmental noises to filter inside the helmet.

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We hope this article provided you with the necessary information you require to purchase the best Bluetooth helmet in India. Stay safe and happy riding to you. 

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