Best 2.1 Speakers In India 2022 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Listening to music could be a hobby for several people, but sensing it through your nerves is something unmatchable that not everyone can do, but that does not come without a prominent bass and acceptable quality, which the 2.1 speakers offer. Therefore, for the people who have a never-ending connection with music and sounds, we have brought a list of the best 2.1 speakers available easily in India. 2.1 speakers lead ahead of the usual regulars because they are equipped with an additional subwoofer which makes the sound quality even more impressive. 

Compared to the 2.0 speakers, the bass gets modified in a 2.1 speaker, ensuring that you get a better experience while playing games, watching a movie, or listening to music. Although the pair of satellite speakers present are satisfactory, in enhancing the worth and user’s experience simultaneously, the additional subwoofers play a positive role. 

When the inbuilt speakers of your T.V. or laptop do not do justice to the quality of the sound produced, the 2.1 speakers perform their function well! With an energetic sound and a lively bass, 2.1 speakers have matched the efficiency of high-quality sounds and music. For creating a great sound system in your space or during any function or event, you can consider using the 2.1 speaker systems. They’ll pour life into the boring sessions and events. 

Best 2.1 Speakers – Top 10 Picks

Considering that, we have brought a list of some of the most efficient 2.1 speakers in India. The list continues as follows-

In terms of dealing with electronics, Sony has always been ahead of many others. The company aims to provide the users with the best of everything! Considering that, Sony HT-S350 is a set of 2.1 speakers with tremendously powerful sound quality and performance. The extra woofers dignify the speakers even more! The wireless subwoofers, at an affordable price, do their job well. The speakers have plenty of volume and HDMI ports with 4k pass-through, which is more than anyone wishes to look for in a wireless soundbar. 

The easy installation process needs no prerequisite for the product to function. The system has the ability for the users to select their settings manually, thereby making it a user-friendly choice. For a basic home theater system, the 2.1 speakers are recommendable. You get clear and smooth delivery of the dialogues, and sound is as efficient as possible. 

Too much of the bass is something that the speakers do not offer, yet it does not lag in terms of crispiness and clarity of sound. The speakers can get loud, working seamlessly even in large rooms and big spaces. Without needing any rear speakers, the surround sound experience is satisfactory! 

Overall, the Sony 2.1 speakers have been prominent in audio aspects.
■Clear and crisp sound.
■ No rear speakers are needed.
■It is recommended for home theater.
■Not much customisability is provided in terms of sound and bass.
■ The audio gets dark sometimes.

Logitech 2.1 is a speaker with unmatchable sound quality. It provides a theatre-like audio effect on your standard desktop. The movie and music experience offered by speakers are super amazing. Adjustments with the bass and volume levels can be easily made on the speakers. Be it your video or your favorite music; everything gets upgraded and enhanced with the 2.1 speakers. The left and the right part of the speaker sometimes get uneven sound bass which is a significant drawback of the speakers.

Other than that, a range of different audios can be played on the speakers, and you can be sure of getting the best experience. The Logitech 2.1 speakers are excellent in terms of their satellite bass control. The accuracy with which it matches the bass of audio is commendable on its part. Though the speakers are pricey yet they suit best for gamers and for the people who watch movies a lot. 

Not only this, the speakers work with multiple input devices so that you can play audio from your mobile phone, laptop, or your computer. The THX audio support claims to be the most attractive feature of the speakers. Logitech 2.1 has an appealing design and a compelling output in its sound quality. 

Being completely equipped with cable paves an installation problem for the speakers. Otherwise, they are a good choice as 2.1 speakers.
■ Solid brass and clear sound quality.
■ Suitable for both large and small spaces.
■ Small satellite speakers, saving up your space.
■ Easy bass level adjustments.
■A limited set of features.
■ No support for Bluetooth connection.
■ A wired connection is required.

JBL is efficient in its sound systems. Keeping that into account, JBL has introduced its excellent 2.1 speakers. JBL Bar 2.1 The soundbar is beautiful in its outlook. To not compromise with the sound quality of your device, you require a well-working soundbar, and for that, JBL 2.1 serves the purpose. The metallic grill covering and rubber grips ensure that the soundbar becomes durable. 

An LED displays the information regarding volume and plugins. This provides a look of modesty to the product. Wireless subwoofers within the soundbar connect automatically to give you a clear and crisp sound quality. This enhances the user’s experience even more. The soundbar is sturdy and smooth in its functioning. 

Other than that, the soundbar supports a Bluetooth connectivity option along with Aux, USB for inputs, and HDMI for ARC(Audio Return Channel). For audiophiles, the soundbar is not much recommendable. If you wish to go for bass-heavy tracks, the soundbar may serve the purpose. It is like one device suiting multiple purposes such as movies, games, and music. 

Though the music quality might not be excellent in film and games, the sound is fantastic. With online gaming, the channel separation does not perform well.
■ Bluetooth connectivity.
■ Multiple inputs option.
■ Modified LED display.
■ Sturdy and durable.
■ Channel separation is hardly present.
■ Not suggested for audiophiles.

F&D A140X is an affordable and efficient multimedia speaker that, though bulky yet it, gives a tremendously powerful sound quality to the users. For old-school people, the speakers are a prior choice because not only do the speakers support the USB input method and Bluetooth connectivity, but they also come with an option of FM audio playback. 

Woofers include bright light, adding to the device’s glory, and being giant, giving a crisp and clear audio experience. Easy connections can be established with your desktop or T.V. while watching a movie or playing a game. Switching onto modes from USB to FM requires a manual touch making it a classic product. Volume levels can be managed according to your choice. 

The speakers are exemplary in their functioning, both for small and large spaces. The wire quality of the speaker is durable. Setting up the 2.1 speakers is effortless.
All in all, the F&D speaker is a medium-range speaker that provides you with a series of features that might not be available in other substitutes of a 2.1 speaker. 

The bass quality and audio clarity are two of the most significant parts of the speaker. It is a recommendable choice for people who want a trustworthy product that is not high.
■Affordable and cheap.
■The speakers have a beautiful multicolor display.
■Crisp and clear audio with excellent bass quality.
■Exceptional FM audio connectivity is available.
■Bluetooth connection can be established.
■Bulky and space-consuming.

With a prime focus on vocals and upper-frequency sounds, Sony SA-D20 C E12 2.1 is a well-working multimedia speaker system that provides users with a modified theater-like audio experience. The clear and clean sound effects make the speaker system worth the use. An excellent frequency response sets the product apart from other alternatives. 

All the sounds are perfectly adjusted in the bass, but like others, the bass is not manually adjustable, which accounts for the drawback of the speaker system. The Multimedia speaker system is functional with T.V., music players, and PCs. 

For audiophiles, the speakers provide a significant boost to the audio quality. Music and movies are better experienced with the sound system. These 2.1 speakers ensure a clear voice and incomparable bass. Music, when played from any of the devices, produces the best output with the speakers. 

Be it YouTube videos, your favorite music, or newly released movies, the speakers are prominent in providing the best audio and bass quality for all of them. Wireless Bluetooth connectivity makes it hassle-free for the user to establish a setup with the sound system.

Along with this, a black glass-like finish gives the speakers a classy appearance. The heavyweight of the speakers is balanced by their vast capacity. There is no volume control option on the body of the woofer, but it can be customized by using the remote.
■ Efficient Bluetooth connectivity.
■ Clear sound quality.
■ Prominent FM radio playback feature.
■ The bass is not manually adjustable.
■ No volume control on the body.

Philips MMS2625B/94 is a set of budget-friendly 2.1 speaker systems. The product is available to the users for a minimal price which makes it a considerable choice for most people. The speaker system supports a deep bass, ensuring that the sound quality that the user experiences does not lag behind others. 

It completely stands up to the expectations that are made from it. And most importantly, the brand name Philips has won the users’ trust regarding the speaker system. The frequency response offered by the speaker system is commendable. Whether you plug in a mobile phone, laptop, or a T.V. to the system, its functioning remains smooth and seamless. 

Music, movies, or entertainment, every purpose gets suitably fulfilled with this super excellent speaker system. Other features of the product include USB support and Audio Jack. Satellite speakers and an FM antenna modify the speaker system even more! 

Effortless Bluetooth control can be done on the speakers. No sound distortion is experienced with the speakers even at higher volumes, increasing the speaker system’s efficiency. With a supporting volume level up to 30, the speakers become suitable for large parties and events. 

Overall, the built and sound quality make the product a worthy and wise choice.
■ Deep bass.
■ FM connectivity support.
■ Crisp and clear sound quality.
■ Satellite speakers.
■ Short cable length.

Another appealing surround sound system brought into the market is Logitech Z623. It is an affordable and well-designed speaker system for long-term use. It is a recommendable alternative to many other sound systems. Unlike others, Logitech Z623 brings the users to a whole new world of audio experience in A minimalistic price range. 

Different sound systems are usually pricey if they provide a crisp and clean sound quality, but that is not the case with Logitech Z623. The speakers provided by the Logitech Z623 are satellite-based. Therefore, they deliver a top-notch audio experience to the users. 

With an incredible bass and an efficient subwoofer, the speakers become prominent to use even in large spaces. Increasing the volume of bass does not mean any compromise with the quality and clarity of the audio. 

Another exciting feature of the speakers is that they are THX-certified, meaning that the sound output will be unmatchable. Being equipped with an RCA connector makes it effortless for you to plug any external sources into the speakers. The installation process is the simplest with the Logitech Z623 speakers. 

Anything ranging from your mobile phone, laptop, computer, or television can be connected smoothly with the speaker system. The system is sturdy and hence durable. If you are willing to experience one of the best sound qualities at an affordable price, you can surely go for the Logitech speaker system.
■ THX-certified.
■ Clear and unique audio experience.
■ Not too costly.
■ Subwoofer gets hard to position.
■ The mids and highs could be crisper.

With an output of 100W, you can be sure of getting one of the best sound quality experiences on the Infinity Hardrock 2.1 speakers by Harman. Built with perfection and smooth in their work, these Harman 2.1 speakers are a fantastic choice for people who believe in having the best of everything. 

The speaker system is perfect and powerful. It is durable and reliable for large spaces and small spaces as well. Installing and setting up the complete speaker system is not a troublesome task. It hardly consumes any time of the users. Any sound can be played in two modes on the speaker system; those are normal mode and echo mode. The cable length is long enough to be connected to a source at a distance. 

The speakers can work differently other than the standard USB and Bluetooth mode, the gaming mode. As indicated, this mode is prominently for gamers. So, if you are more into gaming, then these 2.1 speakers are your suit. The design of the remote that you get with the speakers is beautiful and slim.

Moreover, you can play audio and music by inserting a pen drive or a memory card into the speaker system. This makes the speakers a multipurpose one. Overall, the speaker system is fantastic in its quality.
■ Sound playing option in a specialized gaming mode.
■ The smooth and sleek design of the body.
■ The speakers are durable and work efficiently for a more extended period.


■ Very high-priced.

Another affordable speaker system on the list is Creative Pebble Plus 2.1. With an RMS power of 8 watts, the speaker system is credible and easy to use. Hardly is any distortion experienced by the user even when the product is operated at higher volumes. 

The audio quality and sound efficiency are top-notch in the speaker system. You get to customize the volume levels according to your comfort zone, and therefore, the speaker system leads ahead in the aspect that it becomes multifunctional. Use is for large spaces or small ones as per your requirements and experiences the epic sound quality in both of them. 

With an ensured frequency distribution overall, these 2.1 speakers become a recommendable choice. The speakers are designed as per the needs of the gamers, so it is suitable as a gaming speaker. Every bullet hit or theme is played vibrantly on the speaker system. 

The speakers are comprehensive, and therefore, they become sturdy and best to use. The mids and highs provided by the speaker system are excellent and super unique. The wire is long enough, but increasing it would make the user’s experience even better. Overall, the speaker system is a good choice for its users, that too at an affordable price.
■ The broad base of the speakers makes them feel solid.
■ They promise frequency distribution.
■ Affordable and budget-friendly

■Subwoofers are weak.
■ Wires could have been long.

Lastly, we have the zebronics computer multimedia 2.1 speakers. This product offered to the users is budget-friendly and the most appealing in its outlook! It looks decent and classy in its appearance. The build quality and sound quality that the user experiences with the speakers are commendable and tremendously beneficial for every purpose. 

If you have to watch a movie, listen to music, or have fantastic sound effects and quality while playing, then Zebronics speakers are a helpful asset for you. The mids provided by the speakers are of lower frequency. Therefore, the speaker becomes one of the best for playing music. The bass quality is fantastic, and other than that, the bass can be controlled accordingly, making the speakers a user-friendly choice. 

The bass can be turned down or up as per the needs and preferences of the users. This makes the product one of its kind. The Zebronics speakers are suitable for your mobile phone, television, or laptop. Easy installation and connection can be established with the speakers instantly. 

There are no hard and fast rules to operate the speaker. It is simple and easy to play audio and sound on the speaker system.
■ Decent and classy outlook.
■ Affordable
■ Controllable bass.
■ Best for playing music.
■ None that can be mentioned.

Factors to look After Before Buying a 2.1 Speaker

1) Frequency Response: In a speaker, frequency response indicates good bass. The speakers with lower frequency responses are proven to have a well-working and deep bass. While buying a 2.1 speaker, try to opt for the one with a frequency range between 20Hz to 200Hz. Sound in this frequency range is audible.

2) RMS(Root Mean Square): RMS value in a speaker is the amount of power that a speaker can continuously handle. The more the RMS value, the more will be the amplification. Therefore, for a better experience, go for the speakers with a higher RMS value.

3) Speaker size: Large speakers have a giant bass, producing a better sound and vice versa. If you are willing to purchase a sound system, make sure that the speaker size is large and wide so that you get to have a fantastic sound quality experience.

4) Remote Control and USB Port: As you set up your mind for buying a 2.1 speaker, consider purchasing a speaker with a remote control system with multiple USB connecting options. This will make your speakers multipurpose.

5)Price: After all, price is an essential factor to consider before buying a speaker. Maintain a budget and plan your choice accordingly. Do not miss any features and bring the best product home. For details of the products, you can assist yourself with the reviews of the products mentioned above.

6)Reviews: Taking advantage of the reviews that someone has already mentioned regarding a product helps in a clear and better understanding. Therefore, you can read reviews before making your final decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the difference between 2.0 and 2.1 speakers?
A usual 2.0 speaker supports two channels, which are left and right. But, in a 2.1 speaker, you get an additional subwoofer attached to the system that enhances your sound quality experience as a whole.

2) Is it reasonable to have a 2.1 speaker system?
Be it your movies, gaming, or music, everything becomes efficient and better with a 2.1 speaker system. The sound produced and offered by the 2.1 speaker systems is better than regular speakers. With such sound quality, the user’s experience gets better automatically.

3) Do 2.1 speakers work for home theater systems?
Using a 2.1 speaker for a home theater system eliminates the need for having additional center channel speakers. It will work satisfactorily as you play your movies or shows.

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Experiencing a good sound quality is your thing with a 2.1 speaker. With multiple options in hand, you can always shortlist the best 2.1 speakers that fulfill your needs and preferences accordingly. All your favorite movies will give you a whole new feel with the 2.1 speakers. The music listened to on the speakers will be perfect in its quality. Therefore, you can consider buying a 2.1 speaker system anytime as it is costly.

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