Ashwini Revant – Actor Puneet Rajkumar’s Wife

Ashwini Revant

Relationship Between Ashwini and Puneet Rajkumar

A mutual acquaintance introduced Puneet Rajkumar, a South superstar, and Ashwini Revanth. Ashwini Revant and Puneet are conversing with each other. When Puneet Rajkumar saw Ashwini, he experienced a sound from his heart. He had instantly developed an affection for Ashwini. They created a close friendship through their conversations over a few days.

Both became close friends and began hanging out together. They finally understood that they were supposed to be together at some point. The friendship eventually developed into love. Ashwini Revanth and Puneet Rajkumar proclaimed their love.

The pair kept a low profile in the media. However, according to leaked news, they were introduced by a mutual friend and courted one another for several months until Rajkumar decided he wanted to marry Ashwini in 1999.


She has joined the Kannada film industry and signed a few films. In addition, Ashwini Revant has made four movies throughout her career: One Cut Two Cut (2021),  French Biryani (2020), and Mayabazar 2016 (2020).

On the other hand, Ashwini’s line of work is costume design. In a couple of Kannada movies, she worked as a costume designer.


Ashwini Revant  Family

The couple has two daughters, Drithi Rajkumar, and Vanditha Rajkumar.

The exact date of Drithi Rajkumar’s birth has yet to be identified. She was born in Chennai and is currently pursuing a higher education degree course in New York.

Their second daughter, Vanditha Rajkumar was born and brought up in Karnataka. Like her sister Drithi she is a student currently focusing on her studies.

The Battle of Love

Puneeth acknowledged that discussing Ashwini Revant and his wish to marry her with his parents was highly challenging. He had never addressed such sensitive topics with them in such a direct and open way.

The late actor revealed when he stepped before his father for the first time in his life and finally told him he was interested in marrying this lady he loved. His father urged him to inform his mother, and things started to fall into place after that.

Although it took longer, Ashwini’s parents eventually came around to the idea of their alliance.

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Married Life

“I am a little self-absorbed and don’t give up so quickly, but my husband brings me around again and gradually our differences become no differences at all,” Ashwini Revant was reportedly quoted as saying in one interview. She had also mentioned how happy she was to have gotten into the Rajkumar house.

She has also previously stated that she wasn’t a huge movie fan and had only seen a handful of Puneeth’s acting roles.

The actor acknowledged that his wife was his biggest critic and valued her feedback on his performances. She even called attention to the instances in which he poorly acted or when the choreography for his combat scenes fell flat. His family and children would frequently follow him to his filming locations.

Upon their marriage, Ashwini and Puneeth shared a home with 30 members of their family. She wasn’t initially interested in movies, but with time, her passion grew, and she decided to work as a director for Rajkumar’s movies. According to numerous claims, she even chose the actor’s clothes for her films.

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