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Arbaaz Merchant

Arbaaz Merchant sustains a life under the veil. Still, it takes one incident to make it all unearth, and after a very controversial incident, Arbaaz Khan and his very close friends Aryan Khan (Shah Rukh Khan’s son) and Munmun Dhamecha were found to have hands in drugs. 

This article will show light on Arbaaz Merchant and the reckless luxury life he nurtures, blessed by the family legacy.  And more on his friends, lifestyle, and what he is up to. 

Who Is Arbaaz Merchant? 

Arbaaz Merchant is a son of a wealthy and recognized businessman, Aslam Merchant, and they own mines and stores for wood in prime localities of Bombay. Arbaaz did his schooling at Dhirubhai Ambani International School. 

During his schooling, he became friends with many celebrity kids, and Aryan Khan, Shah Rukh Khan’s son, became his best friend in his school days; their friendship lasted for a long time before the conflict in the cruise shop occurred. 

According to the wiki, Arbaaz Khan is a budding actor pursuing modeling for his career. Among celebrity kids, Arbaaz is famous for being the best party host and is friends with many celebrity kids in B-town.  

Arbaaz Merchant And His Famous Controversy For Being a Drug Dealer 

Arbaaz Merchant

Before the famous controversy between NBC and Arbaaz Khan and their friends occurred, Arbaaz lived a chill life partying with his close friends. Still, a minor incident on the cruise ship on one fine evening made him subject to headlines for years. 

Arbaaz Khan, with his closest friends Aryan Khan and Munmum Damecha, went on a cruise ship to spend quality time together and planned to get hinged with other people of the same age. But it turns out the party was more than that. 

A gathering that Arbaaz called a party contained drugs and cannabis, and after a raid by NBC, Arbaaz Khan was realized as one of the foremost culprits for supplying drugs to the party. Arbaaz, with the rest of the freedoms, was immediately sent behind bars for this case. 

This case longed for more than five months and became one of the high-profile drug cases. After some hearings, the court agreed to the bail of Arbaaz Kham and his friends, but due to the intervention of politicians and religious saints, the case was not easily let go down. 

But after some time, Arbaaz Khan and His friends were relieved on bail, but the good name and reputation of celebrity kids have been dragged into the mud after this. 

Family Background Of Arbaaz Merchant 

Arbaaz Merchant belongs to a strong background; his father, Aslam Merchant, is a lawyer and owns a wood shop and business in the primary tract of Bombay City.  It is said that Arbaaz’s father’s profession helped him a lot to make the case a little less against him.

Reportedly, Arbaaz’s father also backed Aryan Khan to prevent him from defamation after being caught red-handed in a drug case.  The family stayed on the shore but hired the best lawyer to take out their kids safely from charges. 

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Arbaaz Merchant and His Reckless Rich Lifestyle

Arbaaz Merchant

Arbaaz Merchant is a celebrity kid and budding social media influencer and model; he has tight knots with many Bollywood celebrity kids. Nearly every third of celebrity kids can be found on his Instagram following list. 

Arbaaz is the heir of all the fortunes his father and grandfather have made so far and owns riches of 15 million US dollars, but the heir does not seem to be competent enough to tackle all these riches wisely. 

After getting caught in Narcotics and drug case, Arbaaz Merchant dreamed of an amateur and spoiled son; if this image of a celebrity kid improves, that depends on time. 

Arbaaz Khan is also a smooth talker and knows to nasty a lady with his tactful, charming skills; Arbaaz and Alaya F. (Pooja Bedi’s daughter) had a relationship for a pretty long time. 

Quick Facts About Arbaaz Merchant 

  • Arbaaz Merchant is often spotted with celebrity kids at parties and movie premiers, and his close circle includes Aryan Khan and his sister Suhana Khan. 
  • Besides partying, Arbaaz Merchant is also the finest in boxing, swimming, and football. And he terms football as his favorite sport to play for leisure. 
  • Arbaaz Medchant and his love for Kylie Jenner are not hidden; he once posted her photo with a caption saying how eagerly he wants to marry her.  
  • Arbaaz Merchant belongs to a judicial background, and in his family, his father and grandfather are lawyers for the high court. 

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