Aluminium Coil VS Copper Coil in AC- Which One Is Better?

How does the aluminium coil vs copper coil in ac matters? lets discuss further.

The season is here, and as always, it’s before its usual time because the summer now does not exist for only four months, but now it ranges from six to seven months, i.e. from March till October. All of us know that it is only because of human activities that the earth’s average temperature is relatively high. It should be due to the greenhouse effect. The only exit suitable for people from it is the air conditioner. Due to this, air conditioners have become necessary in every household and office.

Several conditioners are available in the market, but it’s important to remember that the air conditioner’s coil plays a significant role in its performance. We have to make sure you choose the air conditioner with the best coil. But another major problem is that the coil in the air conditioner is also of two types, one made with copper and the other made up of aluminium.

Pipes in most air conditioners are made of one of two metals: aluminium or copper. Alumnium pipe is gradually becoming outdated, and most current air conditioners utilise copper. However, if you are looking for some best AC in India after you read this guide and want to prefer some AC brands you can look in this article which has list of best AC in India.

Firstly we will focus on the role played by a coil in an air conditioner; the principle on which an air conditioner works is that it absorbs the hot gas from an area and convert it into a liquid. The liquid then cools down and is thrown in the form of gas again, so it can be understood that coil plays a major as choosing a coil with the best material is quite important.

Aluminium Coil Vs Copper Coil in AC- Comparison


It’s a significant factor since everybody wants an AC that requires minimum repair cost and fulfils its role for an extended period. Copper is stronger than aluminium, so the copper coil is more durable than the aluminium coil.


Another major factor determining the life of an air conditioner is the take taken by its coil to be eroded. Due to the humidity, the coil’s metal gets corroded while using it, thus requiring repair.

Aluminium gets reality oxidised, thus exposed more to corrosion than copper.

Cooling effect

Copper pipes cool significantly faster due of their reduced heat capacity quality. The term’specific heat’ refers to the amount of heat required per unit mass to increase the temperature by one degree.

Lowering the specific heat amount improves heating and cooling capacities. Because copper pipes have a limited specific heat amount, they may swiftly release heat into the external environment and cool it down to collect additional heat. Because aluminium pipes take longer to dissipate heat, they use more energy and have a lesser cooling efficacy.


Copper condensers require less maintenance than aluminium condensers. Because of the metal’s great tensile strength, copper air conditioners are significantly stronger than aluminium condensers. Aluminium condenser mics, on the other hand, are difficult to maintain and quickly damaged. It might be a misery for individuals who live in extreme weather.

Cost Difference

Copper is a better metal than aluminium in many characteristics, thus making it more expensive than aluminium. So, the air conditioners with copper coil are more expensive than the air conditioners made with an aluminium coil.

Heat Conductor

For a coil to function correctly, it must be made up of a good heat conductor. And in comparison, copper is a better heat conductor than aluminium; thus, an air conditioner with a copper coil performs better than an air conditioner with an aluminium coil.

Weight Of The Coil

The coil is a significant part of the air conditioner, thus deciding the weight of the air conditioner. 

The coil made up of aluminium is nearly half the weight of the coil made up of copper. So the air conditioners with copper coil are heavier than the air conditioners with an aluminium coil.

Aluminium coil vs. copper coil


Many consumers choose copper-piped air conditioners because they offer an advantage in most circumstances. Yes, they are more expensive, however when it is examined their sturdiness and economy, these models may easily last much longer and help you save money on power costs. In certain ways, they recoup some of the extra expense. As now you know the comparison between aluminium coil vs copper coil in ac, you can buy accordingly.


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